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Customer Stories

See how our customers use Chainstack to handle their infrastructure needs.


FailSafe revolutionizes Web3 security to reduce latency, boost transaction volumes, and user safety with Chainstack infrastructure...


Hypernative reinforces Web3 security with resilient Chainstack infrastructure, optimizing asset protection and efficiency.

Brave Wallet

Brave Wallet optimizes cross-chain operations with reliable Chainstack RPC infrastructure, enhancing user experience and security.


Benqi powers hundreds of Avalanche Subnets validators using Chainstack infrastructure for its Ignite program.


Nexo slashed Web3 infrastructure costs by a 5x margin using an Elastic Business data profile on Chainstack.

Saakuru Labs

Saakuru Labs seamlessly transitions businesses from Web2 to Web3 with a 4X infrastructure ROI using Chainstack Elastic Nodes.


Defined deliver real-time blockchain data for over 2M tokens and 800M NFTs with reliable Web3 infrastructure.


Curra creates a new paradigm for decentralized crypto payments with exceptional reliability from Chainstack infrastructure.

Space and Time

Space and Time pioneers Proof of SQL technology at 8x friendlier rates with an Elastic Chainstack data profile for Enterprise.


Cyvers hit 335% ROI on infrastructure with Chainstack Archive Nodes and Debug & Trace.


Definitive tackled multi-chain blockchain data scalability with Dedicated Subgraphs and Debug & Trace for 4X+ infrastructure R...


Trust Wallet leverages a custom gateway to handle high-volumes of requests across multiple networks with a 400% ROI on nodes.


CertiK cut Ethereum archive infrastructure costs by 70%+ for its radical take on Web3 security.

ApeX Pro

Enhancing decentralized trading with StarkEx for secure, reliable, and autonomous DeFi transactions.


Making recurring multi-chain billing and payment links accessible.


Empowering access to real-time data across multiple networks, ensuring accurate information and a seamless UX.


Eldarune successfully tackled multichain performance bottlenecks for a superior AI-driven Web3 gaming experience.


Balancing the heavy network load of breakneck social gaming interactions on-chain with an adaptive BNB setup.

Kenshi Oracle Network

Contributing towards a swifter Web3 for all with secure, efficient, and robust oracle infrastructure.


Capturing superb node performance while extending multi-chain support to top-rated networks for users.