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Cyvers nets up to 335% ROI on Archive Nodes with Debug & Trace

Accelerating Web3 security with AI-driven automated proactive protection.

Chainstack’s reliable elastic infrastructure, combined with powerful debug and trace tools, has been instrumental in our operations. We’ve achieved an impressive 300%+ ROI on archive nodes, setting new standards in the Web3 security landscape.

Meir Dolev, Co-Founder & CTO, Cyvers

As we sail through an era where cryptocurrencies are spearheading the fintech world and blockchain technology is revolutionizing traditional infrastructure models, the importance of ensuring high-level security has escalated.

Among the pioneers in augmenting this path to safety is our esteemed client, Cyvers, a frontrunner in proactive Web3 security. Our partnership with Cyvers, which excels in real-time detection and prevention of crypto attacks, has been a journey worth noting to say the least.

Cyvers’ strategy extends beyond just security provision. With their AI-based platform, they identify patterns and anomalies across Web3 in real-time, thereby spearheading proactive mitigation. Their portfolio, impressively broad, caters to everything from DeFi protocols and custodians to established financial institutions and crypto services.

We’re excited to share how Cyvers has leveraged Chainstack’s robust infrastructure and broad chain coverage to optimize their operation. Let’s explore the details.

Why Cyvers chose Chainstack as its infrastructure partner

When Cyvers first approached us, they were in search of a reliable, low-latency RPC provider that could guarantee dependable data delivery. They needed a round-the-clock assurance to ensure that no transactions or blocks on the blockchain were lagging behind with their synchronization—a key requirement for a company that proactively safeguards against crypto attacks.

Their impression of us was significantly positive, especially after they had realized the fantastic results during their testing phase with Chainstack. Despite running simultaneous tests with various data providers, Cyvers found a distinct resilience and reliability in our offerings.

Initially, Cyvers approached us to help them establish a full tolerance system. Moreover, they were looking to delegate the intricate and often tedious task of node maintenance, thus allowing them to focus more time and resources on their core competencies.

We offered a range of advanced features that particularly caught their attention. Our clean interface and broad chain coverage, coupled with debug and trace capabilities, made it easy for them to make the most of our platform.

Moreover, our affordable pricing model, specifically for archive data, made us a perfect fit for them, resulting in 67% lower costs than competitors. In turn, this has netted them an incredible ROI on archive nodes of 335%.

Cyvers on Chainstack in numbers

Cyvers currently employs a solid 11 active elastic nodes, deployed across multiple protocols like Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon to ensure expansive coverage across a broad spectrum of chains. And since Debug & Trace was primarily what they were after, a staggering 95% of all requests were processed by archive nodes.

Our multi-chain flexibility allows Cyvers to distribute requests across multiple chains. We saw about 37% of requests went to BNB Smart Chain, 33% to the Polygon network, just below 14% went to Avalanche, while Arbitrum and Ethereum both got roughly 8% each.

These numbers are a testament to the value Cyvers found in their partnership with Chainstack, and it highlights how they’ve efficiently used our extensive multi-chain coverage, affordability, intuitive interface, and extensive Debug & Trace capabilities to streamline their operations.

What is Cyvers?

Cyvers is an industry leader when it comes to providing proactive security for Web3 platforms. They have built a solid reputation in the crypto industry, specifically in the prevention and real-time detection of crypto attacks. At the heart of their operations is the vision to ensure that Web3 applications and transactions are secure, thereby contributing to the credibility and robustness of the blockchain ecosystem at large.

They specifically offer advanced protection mechanisms to an array of clients—from DeFi protocols and cryptocurrency exchanges to financial institutions and asset custodians. Beyond just detecting incidents, they are quick to respond and often proactive enough to spot anomalies and risks even before they occur.

Figure 1: Cyvers H2, 2023 detections above $1M; Source: Meir Dolev

Anchoring their services is their unique, AI-based platform—VigiLens. The platform identifies patterns and anomalies across blockchains in real time. In turn, this allows for continuous monitoring, on-the-fly mitigation, while ensuring all-round visibility and insights on their clients’ assets.

Figure 2: Cyvers blockchain traceability; Source: Cyvers

In addition, their suite of products, including the real-time detection software AddresShield and the Malicious Contract API, break new ground in cross-chain monitoring, transaction scrutiny, and proactive risk mitigation strategies. Cyvers is undoubtedly leading the charge in blockchain security, making it a perfect partner for institutions stepping into or stepping up their game in the digital assets arena.

Bringing it all together

In the world of Web3, security isn’t an option, but a compulsory lifeline that ensures the smooth sailing of blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures. For a company like Cyvers, remaining one step ahead is not a catchphrase, but an everyday reality, a necessity even.

Their journey with us at Chainstack has been about constant vigilance. From the moment they came onboard, Cyvers actively utilized our elastic archive nodes, and benefitted from our broad chain coverage and debug trace functionalities. Our partnership has armed Cyvers with the necessary tools and functions to provide the best possible proactive Web3 security in the business.

What stood out, in the end, was more than just the offerings. They expressed appreciation for our straightforward pricing model, emphasis on underlying usage rather than complicated calculations, great customer support, and above all, the peace of mind that comes with the assurance of reliable data for their critical security operations. Thanks to this Cyvers was able to reach 67% higher cost-effectiveness for an archive infrastructure ROI of 335%.

As we keep forging ahead in our partnership with Cyvers, we remain motivated by our shared vision—securing the world of Web3. We do this one block at a time, cementing a safer and brighter future.

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