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Create your own blockchain with
Avalanche Subnets

Deploy Avalanche Subnets effortlessly with all the infrastructure, support and tooling in one place.

Why Subnets?

Customize your tokenomics

Enjoy full flexibility in your transactions by setting your own fees and choosing the tokens you want to transact with.

Compatible as a private and public chain

Easily set up permissionless subnets for public projects, or maintain complete control with a permissioned setup.

Build on custom virtual machines

Build flexibly with a variety of virtual machines such as EVM, Avalanche VM, Space VM, and more.

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Your network. Your rules.

Leverage dedicated resources for your network to seamlessly process user transactions without interference from other decentralized applications.

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Unlock the full potential of Avalanche Subnets

Deploy a subnet from scratch, access public subnets, or run a validator node.

Create your own blockchain

Craft your ideal blockchain with precise control over network rules, shaping it according to your vision.

Run a subnet validator node

Secure the Avalanche network, and earn rewards by staking and running a validator node.

Access public subnets

Interact with public subnets by connecting to a public subnet RPC node through Chainstack.

Deploying your own subnet is as simple as 1-2-3

Chainstack provides dedicated support every step of the way.


Create a genesis profile

The genesis profile dictates the rules and parameters of the network.


Request a dedicated node

Choose where you want the dedicated node deployed on any of our 5 cloud providers and 10 regions.


Chainstack takes over

All subsequent infrastructure deployment will be handled by Chainstack so you can focus on developing the network.

Everything you need to build your network

Chainstack handles the fundamentals so you can focus on developing.

Dedicated RPC nodes

Maximize your network performance and security by utilizing dedicated resources tailored to your specific region of choice.

End-to-end development

Start immediately with your own genesis config file or work with a Chainstack expert to develop a genesis profile together.

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Active monitoring

Get 24/7 updates on your node’s status and receive alerts for any unusual activity occurring outside of regular maintenance windows.

Real-time data indexing

Query smart contract data with Chainstack Subgraphs for real-time streaming to track activity, or to build innovative applications on top of it.

Unlimited flexibility

Customize your genesis config

Share your requirements, and our appchain experts will deploy the configuration or develop the optimal profile for your use case.

Enjoy unparalleled upgrade flexibility

Decide what upgrades are required whenever there are new network updates with unlimited flexibility.

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Secure the network and earn rewards as a validator

Participate in securing the future of the Avalanche network. Become a validator by staking AVAX tokens and earn rewards by validating the network.

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Access public subnet RPC nodes

Access public subnets like DeFi Kingdom, Step Network, Swimmer Network and more to create cross-compatible networks or build applications on top of it.

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Index Avalanche Subnets data using Chainstack Subgraphs

Host private subgraphs to query real-time data on appchains and index smart contract data from applications.

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Start today with Chainstack

Chainstack is the official Avalanche Warden securing the bridge and has been helping thousands of projects run on Avalanche.

At Chainstack, we are in direct communication with the Avalanche development team to ensure we provide you with the best solutions.

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