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Why Defined trusts Chainstack for its Web3 data services

Redefining blockchain data access with real-time token and NFT pricing charts.

Our collaboration with Chainstack plays a vital role in our quest to democratize access to blockchain data. Their unwavering reliability has been pivotal in helping us manage over 2M tokens, 800M NFTs and empowers us to innovate relentlessly in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.

The Defined team

As a blockchain managed services provider, we at Chainstack have continually strived to tether reliability and scalability into the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. One such journey has been along Defined—a leader in providing enriched blockchain data.

Defined operates on 46 networks offering real-time data for over 2M tokens and 800M NFTs. Serving millions of traders worldwide with our robust Web3 infrastructure—including pricing and chart data, indexing, and custom APIs, we have been at the forefront, powering their mission to democratize access to cryptocurrency data.

Let’s shed light on how we have been enabling Defined in its industry-leading blockchain data efforts.

Why Defined chose Chainstack as its infrastructure partner

Initially, as we at Chainstack ventured into a collaborative arrangement with Defined, we recognized their unique place within the blockchain data landscape. The platform’s requirement for robust and reliable service, capable of handling mammoth request loads and ensuring minimal downtime, was seen as a challenge ready to be conquered.

Defined was juggling multiple providers and seeking a more streamlined approach. They wrestled with the complexity and potential inefficiency of managing multiple relationships and contracts with different providers, all the while ensuring continuous service, especially when their existing provider lineup faltered.

Our first impression of Defined was of a platform that was both demanding and promising—exactly the kind of challenge we were equipped to handle. The need for us to integrate seamlessly into their existing setup, act as a reliable safety net, support high request volumes, and provide steady service even at peak times formed the crux of our focus.

The “light bulb” moment came when we stepped in during one of the critical times when one of Defined’s providers was experiencing downtime. Our ability to offer a dependable service, stand in the gap and ensure the continuity of their operations even during such trying times, highlighted the importance of Chainstack in their infrastructure.

No incentives or customizations drive the decision—just the sheer reliability and performance of our services. The ultimate value we deliver is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that when it comes to blockchain data, they’re backed by a provider that’s consistent and reliable.

Defined on Chainstack in numbers

When we talk about our partnership with Defined, it is essential to go beyond stories and understand the impact we made in numbers.

Defined has seven active elastic nodes running on protocols such as Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB Smart Chain, Cronos, Ethereum, and Polygon. This usage has led to 76.7M archive node requests and 6.1M full node requests.

Different regions have also shown the fruits of our collaboration. The Dallas region saw the largest share of requests with 70.7M , while EU3 and London reaped 6.1M and 5.8M requests, respectively. Meanwhile, when it came to protocols, Arbitrum saw 66.1M requests, while the Cronos and Ethereum trailed closely behind with 6.1M and 6M requests, respectively.

Our partnership with Defined underscores our dedication to offering Web3 developers robust and cost-effective blockchain infrastructure. In the last quarter, we’ve proficiently handled 11.5M eth_call, 7.8M eth_getBlockByNumber, and 7.8M debug_traceBlockByNumber requests on archive nodes, along with 3.1M eth_blockNumber, 1.1M eth_getBlockByNumber, and 0.9M eth_getLogs requests on full nodes, thereby ensuring maximum value for Defined with every interaction.

Figure 1: Defined node RU allocation OCT-JAN

Our Business plan, competitively priced at $349, offers significant savings, demonstrating our commitment to cost efficiency. When compared to Alchemy’s Scale plan at $3,785 and QuickNode’s Business plan at $2,027 monthly, our solution stands out as substantially more affordable.

With Chainstack, Defined saves 91% compared to Alchemy and significantly more than QuickNode, emphasizing our dedication to providing high-quality services at scale and at a fraction of the cost.

Figure 2: Defined data profile price comparison; Source: Chainstack

Delving into these figures drives home the importance of Chainstack in the overall operations of Defined. It’s not just about being an alternative choice; it’s about ensuring the continuity of service, providing robust request handling capacity, and above all, maintaining an unbroken trust in our reliability.

What is Defined?

Defined is a leader in enriched blockchain data, operating throughout a whopping 46 networks to provide real-time data on over 2M tokens and 800M NFTs. Trusted by millions of traders worldwide, industry-leading companies use Defined’s data and infrastructure for a wide variety of needs, including pricing or chart data, indexing, custom APIs, and more.

Figure 3: Defined supported networks; Source: Defined

But where Defined truly stands apart is in the breadth of its offerings. Whether it’s the powerful token and NFT data, available in under three seconds, the crypto industry’s most popular chat-based price bot, the crypto search engine with powerful filters, or the enhanced data features, Defined brings a vast trove of tools under one roof.

The enhanced data includes real-time aggregates with volume, liquidity, unique wallets, and more available instantly for multiple timeframes. The platform also offers the exact value of every real-time or historical on-chain transaction in USD pricing, structuring and typing the data to make it simple to understand, accessible, and stable.

And it doesn’t stop there. Defined offers several delivery options. You can have almost instant, real-time access to the on-chain data, live stream data over unbroken connections using websockets, or get alerted when anything happens on-chain through webhooks. The platform makes it incredibly easy to find any token or NFT in under half a second. And when a new asset is created, it becomes available on the platform almost immediately after creation through automatic indexing.

So, whether you’re a trader, a developer, or a company in need of reliable, timely, and rich blockchain data, Defined is the platform you’d want to turn to.

Bringing it all together

Reflecting on our journey with Defined, it’s clear that it’s not just about the technology or the services—it’s about reliability, about providing a partnership that you can trust, especially when things get challenging.

Defined is not just a leader in providing enriched blockchain data. They’re an emblem of what you can achieve with the right support—speed, reliability, and a vast scale of operations.

As Chainstack, we’re proud not only to provide robust, scalable blockchain services to companies like Defined but also to learn from them—their goals, their commitment, and their determination to deliver the best for their users. It’s been our privilege to support such a vibrant, dynamic, and forward-thinking team.

Being more than just a provider, but a partner has allowed us to expand our vision, strengthen our capabilities, and set higher goals. As we continue to grow together, changing the way businesses view blockchain data, we look forward to exploring even greater depths of this transformative digital landscape.

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