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Enterprise plan highlights


Enjoy access to all existing and future protocols with unlimited requests, users, projects, and the ability to customize configurations to meet your changing needs.

Hosting options

Increase your speed and reduce your node response time by accessing the widest variety of geographically distributed hosting infrastructure.

Node customization

From the tried and true defaults to custom node parameters to full blown node customizations—separate your operation from the rest of the market and get the competitive edge.

Tailored load balancing

Easily handle thousands of requests per second with our tailored load balancing service for all major protocols.

Global mempool access

Leverage ultra-fast transaction propagation and discovery with Chainstack through bloXroute and Blocknative on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Fantom and Bitcoin.

Priority 24/7 support

We have resources around the world that are dedicated to ensuring you receive priority support at all times.

Enterprise plan at a glance

Full node requests400,000,000 / month
Archive node requests60,000,000 / month
Unlimited projects, users, and nodesGet an unlimited package for the number of projects, users, and nodes, which will allow you to scale your business in a timely manner without resource restrictions.
Bring your own protocolManaged services for protocols that are not supported Chainstack out of the box.
Global mempool access with bloXroute or BlocknativeLeverage ultra-fast transaction propagation and discovery with Chainstack’s global mempool access through leading mempool access providers bloXroute and Blocknative on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, Fantom, Bitcoin.
White label brandingCustom domain and SSL certificates for your API endpoints and other options for your brand.
Load balancerProcess thousands of requests and scale the infrastructure for more in no time.
Monitoring and alertingCustom dashboards, alerts, logging, and monitoring for your node infrastructure.
Cross-cloud and cross-region hosting for consortiumsEnsure your consortium network resiliency by running it across different cloud providers and regions.
Consortium and semi-consortium networksDeploy and run consortium networks like Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, Quorum, Polygon Edge and semi-consortium networks like Avalanche subnets right next to your public nodes.

Flexible hosting options

Our global hosting options give you the flexibility to handle all requests in the shortest time possible. Whether you are looking to run an elastic or a dedicated node, we got you covered in all the major Web3 hubs.

Amazon Web Services
N. Virginia
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Bring your own cloud
Choose 20+ regions available on Amazon EKS via private hosting

Don’t see the location you need?
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Hosting exclusive to Enterprise plan

Use advanced hosting options for your business

Cross-cloud and region consortium networksDeploy nodes across all supported hosting options, cloud providers, and hosting locations.
Hybrid hostingGreat for customers who are concerned about self-sovereignty of nodes, keys, and infrastructure, but don’t want to build their own tools for orchestration. Have the freedom to select which components of the Chainstack infrastructure you’d like to manage and operate yourself, letting Chainstack take care of the rest.
Self-hostingHost the ChainstackLicense a self-hosted Chainstack solution to have full control over operating every component yourself. Great for customers interested in fully hosted solutions who have the capabilities to manage everything in-house.

Reduce your costs 10x+.
Focus on your product.

From MVP to high-load production, Web3 companies choose Chainstack.

Who is building on Chainstack


Provide your users with the fastest service and earn more.
Staking platforms
Lightning-fast integration of the latest PoS protocols expands the possibilities for your staking platform.
Data aggregators
Collect high quality data without fear of traffic loss. You can always get the most accurate data in the shortest possible time for data analysis and business intelligence
Secure and quickly integrate leading DeFi protocols and emerging blockchains into your application.
DApp developers
Build your applications faster using the latest protocols. We customize the nodes for you to achieve the highest possible performance.
Need a custom solution?
Let’s build something amazing together.
“Chainstack’s focus on simplifying launching and scaling decentralized networks and applications, paired with bloXroute’s focus on simplifying and optimizing blockchain networking and scalability, merge to a common goal: drive blockchain adoption with smarter and faster infrastructure.

Deploying the BDN on Chainstack’s Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Smart Chain nodes makes both Chainstack and bloXroute the go-to Web3 infrastructure provider for builders, traders, entrepreneurs, and end users.”

Eyal Markovich

Co-Founder & COO, bloXroute Labs
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