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Infinitely scalable infrastructure. Custom-built for Web3 games.

World’s most reliable suite of Web3 tools designed to spin up fast and affordable blockchain infrastructure in record time.

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For the most demanding games

Break away from maintenance worries, overhead costs, fragmented third-party tools, and other concerns as your player count grows.

With Chainstack, your game can scale limitlessly across multiple chains with our fully-integrated developer toolset. This leads to blazing-fast transaction speeds, industry-leading uptime, and transparent pricing. Now you can focus on giving your players a truly world-class in-game experience.

Success recipe for Web3 game developers



  • Start with a Growth, Business, or Enterprise subscription



  • Deploy your Web3 nodes on both, the mainnet and testnet, on a blockchain protocol of your choice
  • Integrate with our IPFS Storage and NFT API to manage in-game asset data and simplify trading mechanics
  • Extend your in-game experiences using gaming SDKs from Moralis and various other tools from our Marketplace



Minimize engineering effort

Get going on-chain in minutes. Not in days.

Set things up in a few clicks

Whether you’re building a new game from scratch or looking to add Web3 functionality to an existing game, get your project going on any blockchain protocol of your choice within minutes with just a few clicks and Chainstack’s optimized node setup workflow.

Host nodes precisely where you need them

Plentiful hosting options and granular control over your dedicated RPC nodes’ geolocation give your business enterprise-grade resilience, cross-geo load-balancing, and the efficiency to manage billions of in-game transactions without any performance drops.

Secured on a cloud of your choice

Guarantee your game’s success with our built-for-gaming Chainstack Cloud and its best-in-class security and uptime, or choose from any managed cloud service such as GCP, AWS, Azure, and Virtuozzo. Or take the reigns into your own hands with private hosting on your own cloud or data center.

Sync faster than lightning with Bolt

Using the most up-to-date snapshots of the ledger, Chainstack’s patented Bolt technology helps you spin up fully synced nodes in a few hours as opposed to a few days.

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Generational leap in performance

Supercharge your games with your very own blockchain

Need unfettered speed and unhinged performance? Build your game atop your very own custom-tailored blockchain powering the games within your ecosystem exclusively, so your user base and in-game transactions can keep scaling up without ever having to compete for resources or processing.

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Maximize your revenue

Upscale your in-game transactions. And your profits.

Cost transparency

With millions of node requests included with every subscription tier, a real-time view of metered usage, and swappable value add-ons, you can keep building with guaranteed cost transparency and pricing flexibility custom-designed for your business.

Pricing built for scale

Chainstack’s pricing is designed to empower the scale of your game so your spending remains in check even as your player count explodes. Millions of node requests come included with all of our plans, and even when you need more, you only pay for what you use, coming in at as little as $5 per million node requests beyond your plan’s monthly limit.

View our pricing calculator

Reduce your overheads

Eliminate the need to maintain a big in-house team or invest in outsourcing just to keep the infra running as you focus on building and expanding your game.

View pricing or get in touch to design the perfect pricing structure for your project.

Scale up with integrated tools

Select. Deploy. Unleash.
With the best developer tools.

From impeccably fast subgraphs to robust storage, use our fully-integrated suite of developer tools to add layers of custom functionality to your Web3 games.

Light-speed indexing with Chainstack Subgraphs

Aggregate player history, mint NFTs for in-game achievements, and generate leaderboards on-the-fly. Chainstack Subgraphs enable ultra-fast data indexing and retrieval, near-zero latency, and the most up-to-date transaction data with enterprise-grade availability of service.

IPFS storage management

Delivering unprecedented speed, low-latency data access, and full interoperability across S3 and IPFS, Chainstack’s IPFS Storage is a fully-integrated solution for managing your in-game assets.

Simplified NFT trading mechanics

Enabling fast & efficient management of asset metadata, our NFT API provides simplicity and a variety of methods for in-game NFT interactions with a full view of true ownership and enhanced trading mechanics within your game’s ecosystem.

Leverage our partner network

You’ve got friends in all the right places

Collaboration is at the core of what we do and stand for. Meet our partners who enable us to take blockchain gaming to the next level.

Case studies

Gamerse on Chainstack— Powering metaverse gaming and social media marketplace

Gamerse secured stable performance for the effective operations of the platform and token on BNB Chain while reinforcing cross-chain support.

Read the full story

The challenge

The developer team at Gamerse required a trustworthy Web3 infrastructure provider to reliably manage their entire platform from top to bottom, including the BNB chain staking program. During their search, they discovered that the majority of infrastructure providers on the market lacked multi-chain support, cross-chain interoperability, and other aspects critical to the success of their operations.

The solution

Chainstack, with its scalable cross-chain capabilities and its support for the $LFG token on the BNB smart chain, was a perfect fit for Gamerse’s use case. The smooth onboarding process coupled with flexible subscription tiers and transparent pricing guaranteed they were getting a custom-fit solution, personally tailored to their budget and specific needs to ensure they were getting their full money's worth.

Unlimited scale. Unbound possibilities.

Web3 Gaming. Evolved.

Minimize Engineering Effort

Set up blockchain infra for your Web3 games within minutes

Build infra for new games or add Web3 features to existing ones in a few simple clicks with Chainstack’s intuitive workflow and fully managed infrastructure services.

Maximize Revenue

Cost transparency with pricing built for scale

Our subscription tiers are priced to match cost predictability with the scale of your games. Reduce overheads, monitor usage in realtime, and pay only for what you use.

Subnets. Supernets. All the nets.

Experience a generational leap in performance.

Harness limitless scale and unhinged performance by building on Avalanche Subnets and Polygon Supernets with blockchain infra fully customized for your game.

Integrated Developer Tools

Eliminate fragmented tools from your arsenal

Take advantage of Chainstack’s suite of fully-integrated developer tools to add custom functionality to your games, from our powerful Subgraphs to robust storage and indexing solutions.

Multi-chain by Design

Build on any blockchain protocol of your choosing

Chainstack is a single point of access for all your blockchain projects across any protocol. Deploy a node to a public network or create a consortium network in just a few clicks.

Granular Geo-Location Control

Host your nodes exactly where you need them

OPin-point your dedicated nodes’ hosting location and choose between Chainstack’s managed cloud hosting options or private hosting when deploying your network infrastructure.

Expansive partner network

Extend your in-game experiences even further with our Marketplace

Extend your network with complimentary services, add third-party apps, or simply speed up your game development process. Leverage our Marketplace to really go beyond, today.

Secure. Scalable. Reliable.

Built for the infinite scale of the most demanding games

Chainstack delivers the world’s most reliable blockchain infrastructure for Web3 gaming with industry-leading uptime and enterprise-grade security that’s built for infinite scale.