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Run your own Starknet Appchains

Unleash the full potential of blockchain with bespoke configurations tailored to your application needs on Starknet Appchains​.

Starknet Appchains

Your own Starknet

A paradigm shift in blockchain customization and scalability, Starknet Appchains offer a bespoke environment where each application orchestrates its instance of Starknet to achieve enhanced control, lower costs, greater scalability, and opt-in privacy.

Autonomy and control

Gain the autonomy to write and authorize any desired code, enabling a wide range of functionalities even in environments deemed risky for such feature.


Leverage Starknet’s scaling power and tools to handle a higher volume of transactions and interactions, ensuring your application remains fast and responsive as it grows.

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Common use cases

NFT minting

Massive off-chain NFT minting to save the gas costs. Highly efficient for gaming projects.

Derivative trading

Perpetual contracts rely on frequent price updates for numerous assets—a prohibitively expensive operation on-chain.

Spot trading

Easily handle high-volume trading that is cost-efficient.

DeFi strategies

Access to DeFi pooling and vaults is democratized by lowering the transaction fee-based entry cost.

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Start today with Chainstack

Chainstack is helping thousands of projects run on Starknet.

At Chainstack, we directly communicate with the StakWare development team to ensure we provide you with the best solutions.

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