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Logotype & Symbol

Executive photos

These are profile pictures of Chainstack’s executive team in high resolutions.

These images are suitable for use in press releases, media articles, and event promotions. Please remember to credit Chainstack when using these images.

Clearspace - Logotype

Clear space, is the area that surrounds the logo that is completely clear of any other element.

The clear space around the entire logo must equal the width and height of the “S” symbol in the logotype.

Clearspace - Logomark

When used by itself, the Chainstack logomark must have a clear space around it.

The symbol must have at least X amount of clear space around all of its sides, with X being equal to double thickness of the symbol.


Main brand color scheme

Chainstack full logo and logomark should only in Primary Blue or White (with slight darker or lighter gradient)

Copy color

Black, Primary Blue, and White

Primary blue

RGB (0, 123, 255)

CMYK (77, 50, 0, 0)


RGB (255, 255, 255)

CMYK (0, 0, 0, 0)

Black #1A1D23

RGB (26, 29, 35)

CMYK (78, 69, 60, 73)

Additional color palette includes

Light blue, green, yellow and red

Light Blue #C9E8FF

RGB (202, 230, 248)

CMYK (18, 2, 0, 0)

Green #2DA4AE

RGB (45, 164, 174)

CMYK (75, 16, 32, 0)

Yellow #FFC200

RGB (255, 194, 0)

CMYK (0, 25, 100, 0)

Red #FF2A1A

RGB (255, 42, 26)

CMYK (0, 94, 96, 0)

Logotype missuse

Do not use the blue logo on a dark photo or background

Do not use the white logo on a bright photo or background

Do not detach any elements of the logo

Do not use the logo with busy background


The primary typeface for Chainstack is Suisse Int’l

Semi boldHeadlines, highlighting keywords or phrases


Body copy