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Saakuru Labs: Accelerating the transition from Web2 to Web3 with Chainstack

Bridging Web2 and Web3 with seamless integration for a frictionless landscape.

Working with Chainstack has yielded significant cost savings for Saakuru Labs, directly impacting our bottom line for a 4x in infrastructure ROI.

Nick Leong, VP of Engineering, Saakuru Labs

As innovators in the transitional period from Web2 to Web3-based applications, we at Chainstack are proud to facilitate and support the growth of forward-thinking companies as they navigate this new digital frontier. One of these progressive collaborators is Saakuru Labs, a company striving to bridge the gap between traditional web applications and decentralized ones by eliminating user friction.

Our partnership with Saakuru Labs epitomizes our mission at Chainstack. We strive to provide robust, scalable, and efficient blockchain infrastructure to progressive companies like Saakuru Labs, aiding them in unveiling the full potential of the thriving world of Web3. Together, we’re making it easier than ever for businesses and individuals alike to adopt and benefit from decentralization.

Let’s explore our journey with Saakuru Labs in detail.

How Saakuru Labs started with Chainstack

Saakuru Labs were facing challenges in their ecosystem, and turned to us, motivated by a desire to strengthen their wallet SDK engine. Their expectations were simple yet demanding: a solution that offers stability, efficiency, and a reasonable pricing model.

Like any company thriving in the Web3 domain, Saakuru Labs had distinct needs. They required a robust solution capable of overseeing the protocols they were looking to capture with the potential for future additions. Furthermore, they needed assistance in maintaining different RPCs while skillfully navigating the intricate maze of indexing, caching, and rate limiting.

Overcoming these hurdles was no small task. But what truly mattered to Saakuru Labs was how we stood out from the countless other solutions available. They appreciated our support for specific blockchain protocols like Avalanche, our competitive pricing model that catered to their unique requirements, and most of all, our proactive and efficient customer service. Our capability to handle most of their node requirements boosted their confidence in our platform.

The reception from Saakuru Labs was fantastic, and the realization that we were the right fit for them came largely from the expanse of our advantages—a combination of performance, pricing, accessibility, and direct support making us stand out.

Once onboard, Saakuru Labs made full use of our platform. We became a significant contributor, fulfilling most of their network’s requirements, providing a solution catered explicitly to their needs. As we provided the best pricing model and supported the chains they were looking to capture, our robust Web3 infrastructure won their trust, complimented by the unwavering stability that we offered.

Saakuru Labs on Chainstack in numbers

Over the course of our partnership, Saakuru Labs has proudly maintained 10 active elastic nodes, harnessing a range of protocols including Arbitrum, Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Harmony, and Solana. Their operations delve deeper into the world of blockchain with an expansive array of node requests; 299.3M archive node requests and 180.1M full node requests.

The geographical diversity of Saakuru Labs’ usage is notable. Records indicate a significant volume of requests across various regions: 178M requests from France, 116M from London, 74M from EU3, 38M from Ashburn, 32M from the Asia-Pacific South East region, 26M from Dallas, 14M from Asia South East, and 2M from Amsterdam.

Beyond geographic parameters, Saakuru Labs spread their operations across various protocols, including 227M requests on Avalanche, 140M on Polygon, 43M on BNB Smart Chain, 36M on Arbitrum, 17M on Ethereum, 10M on Harmony, 4.5M on Optimism, and 2.5M on Bitcoin.

Over the recent period, we have seamlessly managed 384M eth_call and 179M eth_getTransactionReceipt requests, along with 38M eth_getBlockByNumber and 24M eth_blockNumber requests on full nodes.

Furthermore, our archive nodes have adeptly handled 193M eth_call, 155M eth_getTransactionReceipt, 37M eth_blockNumber, and 35M debug_traceCall requests. This substantial activity underscores our capability to support Saakuru Labs’ operational needs effectively, ensuring they derive maximum value from our platform with each processed request.

Figure 1: Saakuru Labs full and archive node RU allocation

Saakuru Labs gained 412%+ in Web3 infrastructure ROI with Chainstack

At Chainstack, we’re not only committed to delivering unparalleled value to our clients but also ensuring they achieve significant returns on their Web3 infrastructure investments. By partnering with us, Saakuru Labs has realized a remarkable cost-saving advantage over considerably higher-priced alternatives.

Compared to Alchemy’s Scale plan at $21,615 and QuickNode’s Business plan at $30,125 monthly, including extra usage, our offering stands out not only for its affordability but also for the impactful ROI it delivers. Specifically, Saakuru Labs enjoys an impressive Web3 infrastructure ROI of 412%+ when comparing the significant cost savings of 86%+ against the next best alternative.

Figure 2: Saakuru Labs Enterprise Debug & Trace profile price comparison; Source: Chainstack

This exceptional ROI underscores our dedication to providing high-quality, efficient services at scale, ensuring our clients receive the best possible value and a significant return on their investment. These numbers are a testament to the success of our partnership with Saakuru Labs, reflecting our combined commitment to fuel innovation and growth across the Web3 landscape.

What is Saakuru Labs?

Saakuru Labs plays a key role in paving the way for digital innovation, particularly in the realm of blockchain technology and Web3 infrastructure. Their focus? Making the shift from traditional web applications (Web2) to decentralized ones (Web3) as seamless as possible. And now that friction is the last thing users want when adopting new technologies, they’ve devoted much of their efforts to eliminating complications such as gas fees, a common barrier to blockchain interaction.

At the heart of Saakuru Labs’ offerings is a comprehensive Web3 development package. This package aims to provide companies with the tools needed to bring about a smooth, gas-less, and seedless user experience on the blockchain. Their strategies and solutions are multifaceted, including a wallet SDK compatible with multiple mobile platforms for convenient integration, to blockchain data aggregation services for efficient smart contract interaction.

Figure 3: Saakuru Labs mobile SDK; Source: Saakuru Labs

Leveraging the Oasys blockchain, Saakuru Labs also operates an L2 chain of their own—Saakuru, eliminating cost-related barriers for Web3 developers and enabling unprecedented levels of on-chain activities. The result? Unleashing the full power of blockchain without the crippling constraints of high gas fees.

Saakuru Labs’ crown jewel, however, has to be the Saakuru App. A one-stop-shop for all your Web3 needs—a combination of a secure non-custodial multichain wallet, automated asset management, as well as a DApp store and browser. It offers users a streamlined, easy-to-use UI to manage their NFTs and crypto, thereby reducing barriers to entry into the crypto world.

Supporting Saakuru Labs in their Web3 journey has been incredibly rewarding. Their innovative approach to simplifying the transition of Web2 businesses to Web3 is exactly what the industry needs, and we’re proud to provide the infrastructure that helps them achieve their goals.

Eugene Aseev, CTO & Co-Founder, Chainstack.

Bringing it all together

As we reflect on our journey with Saakuru Labs, it becomes apparent that a shared goal is the heart of our partnership: to make Web3 accessible, secure, and profitable for businesses around the globe. Saakuru Labs has pioneered a Web3 development package that eliminates common barriers to entry for Web2 companies, making their transition to decentralization a one-day endeavor.

Implementing this package involves embracing innovative solutions: a gas-less blockchain for real-time transaction validation, a wallet SDK for easy mobile app integration, an aggregated blockchain data service for efficient asset and contract management, and comprehensive gamification tooling for seamless decentralized game development. At the core resides the Saakuru chain, solving a wide range of use cases across industries, without gas fees acting as a deterrent.

Sound infrastructure is the backbone of any Web3 advancement, and with Chainstack supporting Saakuru Labs, we’ve shown that we meet the unique challenges of this dynamic landscape head-on. Our comprehensive protocol support, stability, effective pricing model, and quality support have not just solved problems but propelled a vision. Together, we’ve successfully strived to make the Web3 landscape more accessible and secure for users, paving the way forward for further adoption.

Working with Saakuru Labs has been revelatory. As they continue to use Chainstack to navigate this fast-paced digital landscape, we look forward to seeing how far we can go together—breaking barriers, solving problems, and harnessing the full potential of Web3.

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