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Brave Wallet: How Chainstack catalyzes effective cross-chain operations

“Chainstack has been crucial in enhancing Brave Wallet’s multi-chain functionality and UX. Their reliable node infrastructure and responsive support have accelerated our innovation and security. We’re excited to continue this partnership that aligns with our commitment to making blockchain technology accessible for everyone.”

James Mudgett, VP, Web3, Brave

At Chainstack, it is our mission to empower the crypto pioneers pushing the envelope for Web3 with every block. This makes our work with Brave Wallet especially rewarding.

This visionary crypto wallet, integrated directly into the Brave browser, has made a significant mark on the decentralized landscape. It provides a comprehensive platform for users to manage their crypto portfolios seamlessly, underpinned by features like native DApp browser functionality, multi-chain support, and self-custody.

We are proud to contribute to their ambition of reshaping the crypto landscape and take pleasure in helping craft a solution that stands as a beacon of blockchain technology’s transformative power. Join us as we share the story of our work together in navigating the constantly evolving world of Web3.

How Brave Wallet started with Chainstack

From the moment Brave Wallet began considering its multi-chain support strategy, we found a unique opportunity to make a difference. Their team was exploring various providers but found our wide array of services and focus on supporting a diverse set of blockchains intriguing.

Brave Wallet needed a robust, high-performing infrastructure that could effectively cater to multi-chain operations. Their particular inclination towards seeking tailored solutions for Bitcoin resonated with our beliefs. They had learned from past experiences that not all service providers could give equal attention to all blockchains, a concept we hold in high regard.

Brave Wallet had been experiencing significant downtime with another provider for Solana. We understood their pain points and acknowledged their necessity for a more dependable and scalable infrastructure. Hence, we decided to step up and fill that void for them.

We were able to convince them of our capabilities through our extensive range of chain support, mastery of latency and reliability, and superior performance during uncertain times for protocols like Solana. These factors set us apart from other providers and played a crucial role in placing us on Brave Wallet’s radar.

Brave Wallet’s decision to partner with us wasn’t an immediate one. They carefully examined us, testing our services before reaching a final decision. Our consistently superior performance, combined with our responsive support and essential Bitcoin infrastructure, succeeded in winning them over.

What sealed the deal for Brave Wallet were our tailored Bitcoin solutions and proactive partnership approach. Our ready assistance when needed led them to choose us as their provider and we’re glad to fulfill these expectations.

With our support, they have been successful in achieving their expansion targets while optimizing their operations. Their plans align with our ultimate goal—to democratize access to blockchain technology. Together, we’ve made tremendous strides and accelerate the decentralized future.

Brave Wallet on Chainstack in numbers

Our partnership with Brave Wallet, which has a bourgeoning user base and an exponential growth trajectory, has been quite an eventful journey. Since the onset of our collaboration, we’ve worked together to elevate the capabilities of Brave Wallet, ensuring superior performance and reliability across their multi-chain operations.

On our platform, Brave Wallet operates 12 dynamic elastic nodes supporting a diverse range of protocols. These include Arbitrum, Aurora, Avalanche, Bitcoin, BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon, Solana, and the zkSync Era. This diversity alone paints a vivid picture of Brave Wallet’s expansive operation and the team’s commitment to achieving versatile functionality.

In terms of requests, Brave Wallet’s figures are quite impressive—our Global Elastic Nodes have clocked in a staggering count of over 241M requests, representing a large majority. Zooming into protocol-specific requests, a significant number of 62.1M requests were made specifically for the Aurora protocol. Bitcoin saw 1.2M requests all via dedicated nodes in a testament to their reliability.

Figure 1: Brave Wallet Full node RU allocation

This story in numbers reveals that our resilient and scalable infrastructure plays an essential role in helping Brave Wallet meet the needs of its ever-growing users and cope with the explosive growth of multi-chain data. Together, we’re uniquely positioned to navigate the crypto world’s dynamic landscape and propel Brave Wallet’s vision for an accessible and inclusive blockchain-powered future.

What is Brave Wallet?

Brave Wallet is an innovative cryptocurrency wallet integrated into the Brave desktop browser. This strategic design allows users to manage, expand, and diversify their crypto portfolios from a single, easily accessible location.

Unlike the majority of crypto wallets, which tend to function as extensions, Brave Wallet is browser-native. This unique feature eliminates the need for additional extensions, enhances safety and performance, and significantly mitigates security risks. As such, users can safely transact with virtually any kind of crypto asset, connect with other wallets, and engage with Web3 DApps.

With Brave Wallet, users can interact with DApps across any EVM-compatible network, manage their portfolios with NFT and multi-chain support, and enjoy the easy importation of wallets from MetaMask and self-custody wallets. It also offers compatibility with Brave’s previous Crypto Wallets extension and hardware wallets such as Trezor and Ledger.

Central to the Brave Wallet model is the ability to self-custody. This means users have complete control over the management or transaction of their assets. Brave Wallet users can send and receive assets, view live and historical market graphs, and find the best price match against a list of providers, all from their desktop browser.

Another key feature of the Brave Wallet is the ability to connect to DApps on Ethereum and other EVM-compatible networks, as well as the Solana network. It also provides up-to-date prices of top crypto assets on the Market tab and makes it easy to connect, sign, and secure transactions with hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor.

Moreover, Brave Wallet stands out for its capacity to send and receive a variety of tokens from a multitude of supported chains for an aggregated view of your cryptocurrency and NFT portfolio. It also supports easy facilitation of swaps between Ethereum-based assets and those on Solana, all at the best prices.

Figure 2: Brave Wallet comparison; Source: Brave

Finally, Brave Wallet users can enjoy 100% ownership of their private keys. This means that, unlike other wallets, Brave is not able to access or manage their funds on their behalf, adding an extra layer of security for users.

Not only is Brave Wallet an unfalteringly secure and versatile cryptocurrency wallet, but it’s also taking strides to better the world of crypto, laying the foundation for a more inclusive Web3 future.

“Our work with Brave Wallet exemplifies Chainstack’s dedication to powering the next generation of Web3 DApps. By providing Brave with scalable and secure infrastructure, we’ve enabled their team to optimize multi-chain operations and improve user interactions.”

Eugene Aseev, CTO, Chainstack

Bringing it all together

As we reflect back, our partnership with Brave Wallet has been a rewarding journey of empowerment and growth, showcasing the potential of true collaboration and the power of the resilient Web3 infrastructure. Despite the challenges and the daunting task of meeting the requirements of a vast array of chains with the need for a strong Bitcoin presence, we were able to rise to the occasion.

Our approach towards overcoming challenges and meeting expectations head-on has resulted in Brave Wallet team being able to scale their operations effectively during peak demands. Especially during moments of instability for certain blockchains like Solana, our platform remained stable and dependable, something that we take great pride in.

As we look ahead, we’re excited about the impact that our continued partnership with Brave Wallet will have on the wider Web3 developer community. Our collaboration is proof that with the right tools and a mutual commitment to innovation, we can make the crypto space more accessible, more efficient, and ultimately, more impactful.

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