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Chainstack Dedicated Nodes

Your exclusive all-access pass to unbounded Web3 development

Create your very own bespoke Web3 development setup unrestrained by per-request billing or hosting options.

Your stack. Your way.

Meet Chainstack Dedicated Nodes—the all-access pass to unbounded Web3 development. Market’s top performance and security combined with limitless customization capabilities. It is the dedicated key to unleash the power of your DApp.

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Multi-chain by design

Build limitlessly with an ever-expanding portfolio of blockchains

Ethereum Coming soonComing soon
Solana  View Protocol
Polygon  View Protocol
Arbitrum  View Protocol
Optimism  View Protocol
Avalanche  View Protocol
zkSync Era∎  View Protocol
Starknet  View Protocol
Scroll  View Protocol
Aptos  View Protocol
Fantom  View Protocol
Cronos  View Protocol
Gnosis Chain  View Protocol
Aurora  View Protocol
Oasis Sapphire  View Protocol
Polygon zkEVM  View Protocol
Tezos  View Protocol
Harmony  View Protocol


That’s more than RPS.

Truly Unlimited usage

“Our users experience a smoothly running platform with fast loading times when using TrustPad. Thanks to Chainstack we have a pleasant and stable user experience.”
— Double Trouble, TrustPad
Break free from per-request billing

Reimagine the RPC game with us. Pay only for the node. No scaled bills, no per-request billing. Focus on development, we take care of the rest.

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Break free from artificial limits

Limit-free by nature. Dedicated Nodes is designed to perform no matter the load. Only you, your node and nothing in the way of your growth.

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Warp Transactions. Even more performance unbound.

The fastest transaction propagation on the planet. Warp Transactions help you supercharge your trading by tunneling your transactions through the ultra high-speed bloXroute network and making them available instantly for validators to include in the next block.

Available on

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Up to 2.5x faster than regular P2P transactions

Unlimited flexibility.

Shape your experience.

Hybrid Cloud

Bring Chainstack home. Hybrid Cloud helps you deploy & manage dedicated nodes in your controlled infrastructure with the Chainstack convenience without having to set things up all by yourself.

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Private Networking

Eliminate extra layers between your app and the node. Minimize latency and increase response time of your application running on AWS through a private network.

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Bolt sync

Start building now, not later with Bolt Sync. Our patented Bolt technology allows you to spin up fully synced dedicated nodes with the latest state in no time.

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Tailored load balancing

Secure the highest availability for your application. Spin up multiple nodes to distribute incoming traffic evenly. Optimize your resources and eliminate a single point of failure.

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Unrestrained by

hosting and location

Chainstack Cloud. For zero rainy days.

The apex Web3 hosting solution. A fully custom infrastructure delivers lightning-fast speeds with near-zero latency to shrug off even the most challenging network loads.

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A cloud of your choice

The widest selection of managed cloud services provides maximal control over how your nodes are deployed.

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A location of your choice

From Tokyo to Oregon, a global array helps you pin-point & deploy your nodes exactly where your users are.

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Pricing to empower you at every scale

No per-request billing. No second-guessing your budget. Stop thinking about usage and focus on development. Go to your next billion users with the simplest pricing in all of Web3.

Dedicated node compute
from $0.50 per hour
Dedicated node storage
from $0.01 per 20 GB/hour
Hybrid Cloud
from $0.50 per hour
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Ain’t no time like the present.
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Customer stories


Balancing the heavy network load of breakneck social gaming interactions on-chain with an adaptive BNB setup.


Capturing superb node performance while extending multi-chain support to top-rated networks for users.


Securing stable platform and token performance on BNB Chain, while reinforcing it with cross-chain support.