Run your own Polygon Edge or Supernet network

Deploy and run your own Polygon Edge chain as an isolated network or as a Supernet secured by Polygon validators. Manage the nodes with the same uniform experience as with the main chain by using Chainstack.

Polygon Supernet

Secured by the mainnet as a Supernet

Your Polygon Edge chain can be deployed and run as a Supernet secured by a set of mainnet validators.

You can either stake and run your own validator node(s) to secure your Supernet or onboard a third-party Polygon validator.

Your own consensus

Pick a consensus model through consensus plugins. Create your own solution like securing by state tethering to the Polygon mainnet.

Custom virtual machine

Full EVM support out of the box.
Customize the EVM with runtime plugins.

Asset bridge

Your Supernet gets a Polygon bridging solution out of the box. You get to be integrated into the ecosystem of EVM-based networks right from the start through the bridge that you can also customize with readily available plugins.

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Your network, your rules


Run your network as your application-specific chain that can easily handle all your user transactions without competing with other decentralized applications.


Build your own highly customized network specific to your application, including setting default transaction fees and your own gas token.

The uniform public chain experience

The smooth experience trusted by thousands of projects running with Chainstack.

Network management with Chainstack

Deploy, run, and manage your custom network and nodes with the same seamless Chainstack platform operation everybody gets with public chain nodes.

Insight and analytics with Covalent

Get the transparency and insight into your custom network with the same ease, level, and granularity as everybody gets with our partner Covalent on the public chains.

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Start today with Chainstack

Chainstack is helping thousands of projects run on Polygon and is the official Polygon partner.

At Chainstack, we are in direct communication with the Polygon development team to ensure we provide you with the best solutions.

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