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Get instant access to a fully-managed blockchain as a service.

Perfect if you need complete functionality right out of the box. No need to host or manage any software components yourself.

  • Intuitive user interface with powerful orchestration under the hood.
  • Get access to the latest features as they’re released.
  • Never worry about platform performance or uptime.
  • White label branding available on the Enterprise tier.
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Chainstack Cloud

Maximize node performance with robust cloud infrastructure.

Start handling demanding resource-heavy operations with ease with the Chainstack Cloud. Process substantial number of queries effortlessly and enjoy flexible location settings for minimal latency.

  • Powerful infrastructure built to handle heavy compute loads
  • Flexible node deployment with exceptional performance
  • Lightning-fast network interactions and minimal latency
  • Perfect for DeFi, GameFi, and NFT applications

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Have the freedom to select which components of the Chainstack infrastructure you’d like to manage and operate yourself, letting Chainstack take care of the rest.

Great for customers who are concerned about self-sovereignty of nodes, keys and infrastructure, but don’t want to build their own tools for orchestration.

Use case scenario: A software vendor makes use of Chainstack as a control panel (via a UI or API) to orchestrate and manage blockchain nodes, networks and services running entirely in their own custom infrastructure.

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Chainstack-managed hosting vs hybrid hosting

With Chainstack-managed hosting, you get the complete managed blockchain services experience: monitoring, logging, backups, deployment of fully synced nodes, and request metrics. With hybrid hosting, you get the nodes running in your own infrastructure.

FeaturesChainstack-managed hostingHybrid hosting
MonitoringComplete node monitoring: node availability and node health.Partial node monitoring: node availability is monitored.
Analytics and logging

Full node logging and resource consumption logging.

  • For elastic Chainstack-managed hosting nodes, request metrics are collected: number of requests, a breakdown of method calls, and server response data.
  • For dedicated Chainstack-managed hosting nodes, request metrics, CPU, memory, and storage usage data are collected.
Analytics solution setup on request.

Public chain protocols — Daily automated backups that enable the provision of fully synced nodes in a matter of hours.

Consortium protocols — On-demand backups are available to customers.

You can use your own backup solution available on the market.
BoltDedicated nodes are deployed as synced and near-instantly available for use.

A node must be synced from scratch, which takes weeks or months.

To reduce the sync time to hours, a manual snapshot transfer is also available on the Enterprise subscription.

BillingYou pay for the subscription and the node usage.You pay for the subscription and node management fee.
Cloud providers and regionsIt is possible to use the default Chainstack cloud providers to run a node on.You are not limited to the Chainstack supported cloud providers. Use your own cloud infrastructure.
  • Easy to deploy and manage nodes.
  • Low operation costs.
  • Near-instant node availablity.
  • Blockchain is completely running in your cloud, which is useful in various scenarios, including compliance related concerns.
  • For any application running on top of blockchain, the latency will benefit from the choice to colocate the application on the same server as the node.


License a self-hosted Chainstack solution to have full control over operating every component yourself. Great for clients interested in fully hosted solutions who have the capabilities to manage everything in-house.

Use case scenario: A service provider willing to provide managed blockchain services to their customers. Chainstack packages all the components for the hosted installation so that the service provider can leverage their own infrastructure and all other existing functions such as billing.

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