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Definitive fulfills Subgraphs multi-chain coverage with Debug & Trace

Elevating DeFi engagement with robust and scalable user-focused solutions.

Using Chainstack Subgraphs has transformed our operations. Their exceptional performance and Debug & Trace capabilities have streamlined our processes, elevating our ROI on blockchain data infrastructure to 400%+, marking a milestone in our DeFi journey.

Blake Arnold, Co-Founder, Definitive

In the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized finance, finding an efficient, user-centric platform that offers an end-to-end solution can sometimes seem out of grasp. That’s not the case, however, for Definitive, a DeFi platform that has essentially transformed the way users engage with DeFi.

Offering non-custodial smart contracts and powerful automation services across an array of DeFi protocols, Definitive hasn’t just created an integrated solution; it has given its users a distinct competitive edge.

Join us as we delve deeper into our journey with Definitive. Together, we will discover how we tackled operational challenges together head-on, explore their platform’s unique advantages, and delve into the solutions that make a real difference in the world of DeFi.

Why Definitive chose Chainstack as its infrastructure partner

When Definitive first approached us at Chainstack, they were on the lookout for a robust, scalable blockchain data platform that could handle large volumes and do so effortlessly. Our initial task seemed clear-cut—offer a sturdy foundation for Definitive’s multi-user vaults, and provide efficient data indexing and reporting.

Before their integration with Chainstack, Definitive had encountered significant scalability issues, primarily due to the limitations of their private dedicated vault system. The sudden surge in their user base as their platform opened to the public exposed these inefficiencies. Their initial approach to resolve this via the GraphQL hosted service, proved ineffective. It lacked debugging capabilities and offered subpar customer service that unnecessarily prolonged issue resolution.

Their exploration for a sturdier solution led them to us. Chainstack stood out with our extensive range of supported protocols for Chainstack Subgraphs that fully covered Definitive’s needs, as well as our debugging capabilities, and responsive customer support. Switching to Chainstack addressed their scalability issues, streamlined the process of deploying new smart contracts and managing user vaults. In doing so, Definitive effectively lowered costs by 45% to 85% compared to other providers for an ROI on Subgraphs infrastructure up to 425% and improved the overall efficiency of their platform.

And at the end of the day, it was the unique advantages that we presented, such as swift subgraph deployment, comprehensive documentation, and multi-chain support that ultimately sealed the deal for our ongoing work together. With our flexibility and thorough understanding of how to effectively manage computational demands in blockchain operations, Chainstack proved to be exactly the partner Definitive had been seeking in the first place.

Definitive on Chainstack in numbers

Since the start of our collaboration, we’ve seen Definitive make impressive use of what our platform has to offer, especially when it comes to Chainstack Subgraphs. Currently hosting 14 active Subgraphs for the platform, we’ve observed their integration with a diverse set of data sources for a wide-range of use cases, underlining just how applicable blockchain data is in real-world scenarios.

Simultaneously, we‘ve helped to enable the indexing of seven high-profile DApps, like Messari Convex, Balancer V2, Curve, Sushiswap, Uniswap V3, as well as both V2 and V3 of Pancakeswap, into Definitive’s DeFi strategies. Furthermore, we’ve ensured the optimization of yields and trade executions across multiple protocols, including Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, Ethereum, Optimism, and Polygon. The dedicated subgraphs we offer for each of these protocols have played an instrumental role in this endeavor.

Lastly, by providing an active account balances subgraph, we’ve been part of Definitive’s initiative to monitor all user positions round the clock, reinforcing the transparency and security aspects of their platform. In essence, these numbers stand as a testament to the integral role Chainstack plays in Definitive’s operations, supporting them to offer an optimal DeFi experience to their end users.

What is Definitive?

Definitive is not just another DeFi platform. It’s a complete end-to-end solution that’s been thoughtfully designed to give users an edge when engaging with decentralized financial products. Definitive provides an execution platform along with an API for DeFi, offering non-custodial smart contracts and automation services across numerous respected DeFi protocols.

This unique fusion of on-chain and off-chain components enables Definitive to streamline DeFi execution for end users—it simplifies everything from complex yield strategies to high-frequency trading algorithms.

Two flagship products a user can access directly via the Definitive platform are Advanced Yield and Trade Execution, both of which can also be integrated into third party apps via the Definitive API. These offerings confer simplified access to sophisticated, institution-grade DeFi strategies and allow execution of advanced order types on all DeFi trading venues with optimal slippage and minimal price impact per trade.

Figure 1: Definitive real-time monitoring; Source: Definitive

Definitive stands out with a unique value proposition that includes non-custodial services, an automated low-latency engine, configurable positions to meet unique client needs, and a fully auditable activity history.

Aimed specifically at the institutional-grade DeFi execution segment, this premier non-custodial platform is functional across a wide variety of use cases—yield management, trade execution, leverage usage, and more.

Bringing it all together

Our journey with Definitive is a testament to how innovation and collaboration can drive new efficiencies in the DeFi landscape. By successfully leveraging Chainstack infrastructure, Definitive could comprehensively improve their operations and service offerings for their users.

However, our partnership goes beyond mere operational efficiency or data handling. It’s about enriching the user experience, offering an optimal range of services, and providing a thoughtfully designed platform that gives users an advantage when engaging with DeFi. As the architects behind this infrastructure, we’re incredibly proud of the role we have played in Definitive’s success story.

As we conclude this article, we look forward to a future brimming with collaboration, where scalability is not a hurdle but a given, and impactful solutions pave the way for more significant advancements in the world of DeFi. We, at Chainstack, are committed to shaping this future, and our partnership with Definitive is a clear sign of what we can achieve.

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