Next level of blockchain indexing

Chainstack Subgraphs service is the most powerful blockchain data indexing solution. Coupled with the Chainstack elastic archive nodes, Chainstack Subgraphs service provides extremely fast sync times and near zero latency to keep your subgraphs at the latest block. Enterprise-grade infrastructure reliability and support will ensure you get the best of the data indexing with Chainstack.

Familiar interface

Make use of the industry standard development workflow you know and love to deploy subgraphs via the command line interface. Monitor effectively with both API and UI logs. Consult the analytics and curate the data via the dashboards embedded in the interface.

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Transparent pricing

Gain access to the unlimited flow of indexed data across leading protocols with Chainstack. Take advantage of the flexible and affordable pricing that fits your budget perfectly. Leave the hidden fees and extra charges—pay only for your subgraph per compute hour and the requests above the limit of your subscription plan.

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Enterprise grade service

Leverage Chainstack as the robust provider that will support your project from start to finish. Take advantage of reliable infrastructure with >99.99% uptime and premium-level support with the 24/7 chat. All thanks to the responsive support from the experienced engineering and R&D teams from Chainstack. Scale up safely with the flexible deployment options.

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How Chainstack Subgraphs works

Three key factors guarantee a reliable and seamless experience.


Powered by elastic archive nodes

Elastic archive nodes are used to power Chainstack Subgraphs service, so you get exceptional performance for your indexing needs right off the bat.


Uniform location for indexers and nodes

Chainstack Subgraphs service runs both indexers and RPC nodes from the same datacenter, so you can enjoy optimal results with minimal latency and seamless communication.


Tight control of resource availability for each subgraph

Tight resource control for Chainstack Subgraphs service ensures that your subgraphs have the appropriate amount of resources to perform up-to-par, regardless of the query.

Multi-chain by design

Chainstack Subgraphs is a single point of access for all your data across any protocol.

Use cases

DeFi applications

Instant up-to-date historical transaction and token data.

Research and Analytics

Constant stream of current information for your research tasks.

Game developers

Hassle-free tracking and visualization of game asset states.

DApp developers

Quick and easy access to your smart contract data

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Why choose Chainstack?

Peace of mind
  • Robust and reliable infrastructure with >99.99% uptime
  • Premium-level support with 24/7 chat with the support and R&D teams
  • Get the Chainstack Subgraphs, IPFS API, NFT API, node API, all in the same provider
  • Crypto payments on all plans
  • No rate limits or throttling
  • Flexible pay-as-you-grow model
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