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QuickSwap on Chainstack: Powering up the mightiest DEX on Polygon

QuickSwap provides best-in-class DEX services, giving thousands of people every day access to a sustainable and robust Layer 2 ecosystem. Handling over 2 billion QuickSwap requests per month with peace of mind, Chainstack ensures their Polygon PoS nodes are fast and reliable, leaving users to trust QuickSwap and enjoy the benefits of low fees and fast transaction validation.

What is QuickSwap?

QuickSwap is a permissionless decentralized exchange (DEX) based on Ethereum, powered by the Polygon network‘s Layer 2 scalability infrastructure and by the QUICK and Dragon’s Quick tokens. By utilizing Layer 2 for transactions, QuickSwap users can trade any ERC20 asset at lightning-fast speed with near-zero gas costs.

How did QuickSwap come across Chainstack?

Initially, QuickSwap used exclusively one provider, which made maintaining a stable and reliable infrastructure challenging, given the outstanding rate of growth of their platform and the Polygon ecosystem. This meant expending increasingly more resources and team members’ time on maintaining and monitoring the nodes.

QuickSwap makes liquidity more accessible to the DeFi community and it is experiencing exponential growth month-on-month, supporting $1.5 billion TVL, $2.3 billion volume, and serving over 40 thousand users every month with a market cap at $480 million.

Having only recently launched its Polygon support, Chainstack immediately stood out among all the infrastructure options open to QuickSwap because it makes node infrastructure more cost-effective, especially for high-intensity requests projects. In addition, the top-quality engineering from the Chainstack team uses cutting-edge solutions that can reliably handle even the mightiest among all the Polygon projects.

How does Chainstack’s offer match QuickSwap’s needs?

The QuickSwap addition of Chainstack’s reliable Polygon nodes to its core infrastructure ensures a stable and performant service during traffic spikes, sitting at over 2 billion calls to the Chainstack nodes per month.

Chainstack, with its solid reputation and flawless track record within the Polygon & Web3 communities, was the obvious choice when it comes to scaling our system and improving its performance. Ever since our first contact with the Chainstack team, we have been delighted by the 5-star support we’ve received: amazing response time, highly skilled and solution-oriented team. Trusting Chainstack with our nodes, we can focus on building and adding more platform features, supporting their scaling, and working on an always improving user experience.

Sameep Singhania, co-founder of QuickSwap

What does Chainstack like about QuickSwap?

QuickSwap was created and is backed by some of the industry’s most prominent thought leaders in the fields of Ethereum token and contract standards, as well as Layer 2 scalability. The protocol represents the next stage in the evolution of decentralized trading and is designed to enable the next wave of users to enter DeFi, just like Chainstack represents the next evolution of resilient, business-ready blockchain managed services.

What is the most interesting engineering challenge in working together?

Because the Polygon network is much faster and cheaper than Ethereum, swapping tokens and yield farming on QuickSwap is extremely cost-effective. However, a rapid increase in QuickSwap adoption cannot happen without resilient infrastructure. Chainstack supports this with a top-notch engineering team to create a shared vision for a rapidly scaling Web3 and mass adoption.

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