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Chainstack Ambassadors Program

Are you passionate about Web3, do you like building cool DApps or creating technical content? Become a Chainstack Ambassador and turn into a thought leader in the space, make educational content and share it with the new developers that want to join the Web3 world.

Why would you want to become an Ambassador in the first place?

Showcase your Web3 knowledge

Talk about Web3 development, infrastructure, and BUIDL cool DApps. Web3 is a collaborative industry, people learn from one another constantly. Most likely, you’ve learned valuable skills and concepts from other community members, so this is your chance to give back!

Drive Web3 Adoption

By passing on your valuable knowledge as a Chainstack Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to accelerate the adoption of Web3 through strategic and high-quality educational content; supporting the next generation of developers.

Work on your career skills

If you want to have a track record in Web3 before applying for a job, this opportunity is perfect because it will allow you to interact with the community, write code, debug, and use Web3 DApps.


You will have the opportunity to earn money for referring to our services. You will earn a commission when a new user signs up on one of our paid plans with your unique referral link.

What do Chainstack Ambassadors do?

You will create educational content featuring Chainstack and share it on social media platforms like Twitter (rebranded as X), Reddit, Discord, Telegram, or any other channel in which your content is suitable.


You will have the chance to interact with Web3 developers, showcase your know-how, and earn money whenever you onboard new users into our platform.


Depending on your performance as an Ambassador, you may be eligible for various different rewards, such as swag bags, event tickets, and other perks.

Become an Ambassador

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I apply to become an Ambassador?

You can apply by filling out the form below. The coordinator of the Ambassador program will review it and we can then schedule an interview to get to know each other better and discuss further details. Link here.

Are Chainstack Ambassadors paid?

Yes. We will provide you with a unique referral link and whenever a new user subscribes through your link to one of our paid plans, you will get a commission in return. We will share with you the exact percentages during the interview.

Do I need to have technical knowledge to apply?

Yes – you’ll be expected to produce developer-facing content that requires a certain level of technical aptitude. Having a moderate level of experience building DApps & working with Web3 systems will significantly aid in meeting this expectation.

Being a Chainstack Ambassador requires an intermediate level of technical knowledge to ensure effective developer education.

Are there other skills that an Ambassador needs?

You must love Web3, DApps, and content creation. You must have a desire to learn and improve your skills, and you don’t shy away from talking to strangers or interacting with the community. Educator skills or knowing how to organize a class/course is nice, but not mandatory.

Do I need to have a large follower base on social media to be an Ambassador?

We will consider the size of your following on your social media account. The more followers you have, the wider is your reach on social media. As a general rule, you’ll need roughly 1000 followers on Twitter at a minimum.

Are there any obligations?

You will be required to produce educational content on a monthly basis. However, we have some targets that are pretty easy to achieve. We don’t want this to feel like a job for you, but more like something that you do because you want to be part of the Web3 movement and have an impact on the careers of future Web3 developers.

How does Chainstack help me achieve my goals?

You will be in contact with the leader of this program. You will be able to reach out to different members of our team and talk to them. We will provide you with helpful materials, ideas, and our brand assets so that you can focus on making content.