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Supercharge your crypto trading

Speed up blockchain transactions and increase returns with fine-tuned, cost-effective dedicated nodes enabling fast tx and real-time blockchain data.

“Chainstack has been an impeccable infrastructure partner for our trading and market-making operations. They offer the highest performance Ethereum, BSC and Polygon nodes on the market, their dedicated nodes are optimized for low-latency, production-grade workloads with the fastest tx propagation possible.

They can also set up blockchain distribution networks such as the bloXroute Gateway or the Taichi Network. With their priority support, and crypto payment options — exactly the type of service we’ve been looking for. Since discovering Chainstack, we’ve been happy ever since. Highly recommended.”

Jon Eyrick Technical Director, Darkpool Liquidity

Success recipe for traders



Business or Enterprise Plan



Dedicated Ethereum, Polygon, or Binance Smart Chain nodes in mainnet and testnet.



High-speed Warp transactions on Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Smart Chain.

Lightning speeds, worldwide

Choose one or many hosting locations, minimize transaction latency and drive your competitive edge with the most recent blockchain data.

Amazon Web Services
N. Virginia
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Chainstack Cloud
Bring your own cloud
Choose 20+ regions available on Amazon EKS via private hosting

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Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon dedicated nodes

Your Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain dedicated nodes are secure and private as if they were in your own server room, perfectly tuned for the fastest transactions and txpool event retrieval, reasonably priced per hour. Our top-notch protocol experts are here to ensure you get the best toolset to elevate your ROI.

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Colocate your bots for low latencies

Use low latency request routing for trading software, running next to your nodes. Deploy your bots next to blockchain nodes and keep the network latency to a bare minimum. Enjoy code colocation options available on Enterprise plan to offload maintenance and monitoring of your automated trading strategy.

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Ingredients for your success recipe

With bloXroute Gatewayon Chainstack Marketplace broadcast transactions in the BDN global network, send them directly to mining pools, or even set up a private link to mainland China and more.

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Create an account and deploy dedicated Web3 nodes, accelerated by Chainstack Bolt technology.

Create an account and deploy dedicated Web3 nodes, accelerated by Chainstack Bolt technology.

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