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Avalanche is a powerful and innovative protocol that allows flexibility and performance by combining compatibility, fast transaction throughput, and long-term scalability that is sustainable in design. Supporting the protocol's robustness, connectivity and interoperability, Chainstack provides Avalanche node deployment to all developers and builders throughout Web 3.0 and DeFi.

Avalanche Subnet List

A community aggregator of Avalanche subnets, a validator marketplace, and an educational content entry point. Designed to ease the adoption of Avalanche subnets, connect validators with projects looking to run and decentralize their subnets, and provide learning resources.

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Avalanche Bridge

Chainstack is an official Avalanche Warden securing the bridge for the Avalanche-Ethereum and the Avalanche-Bitcoin cross-chain transfers. As a Warden, Chainstack is a dedicated partner to Ava Labs with a proven track record of technical excellence and expertise in working with Avalanche.

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Pocket Network

Chainstack is keeping the blockchain infrastructure accessible by partnering with Pocket Network. Run a Pocket Network node with Relay Chain nodes — all managed by Chainstack.

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Pocket Network is a decentralized infrastructure API built for Web3 apps and coordinated by a trustless protocol. The Pocket Network serves as a trustless, real-time access point to major blockchain networks for dApp builders and data consumers.
Etherscan is the leading Ethereum Blockchain Explorer. EthValidate is a tool designed to help users to validate any transactions, addresses, and token balances on the Etherscan’s node with other nodes on the Ethereum blockchain.


Chainstack provides Ethereum nodes to EthValidate. EthValidate is a service that lets users validate transactions, addresses, token balances through multiple node providers.

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