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Hypernative: Mitigating Web3 risks with resilient Chainstack infrastructure

Securing Web3 by enhancing resilient infrastructure and real-time threat detection

“Chainstack’s robust infrastructure has significantly enhanced our ability to secure Web3 environments effectively. Their reliable and scalable solutions have exceeded our expectations, enabling Hypernative to focus on protecting digital assets from emerging threats with greater efficiency and reliability.”

Lior Betzalel, VP R&D Hypernative

At Chainstack, we understand how crucial effective security measures are for protection against potential threats to digital assets, protocols, and applications. This is where our collaboration with industry leader, Hypernative, truly shines.

Hypernative has distinguished itself from the pack through its determined battle against zero-day cyberattacks, protecting digital assets and Web3 applications from significant losses. With an ever-vigilant guard over a total value of $3B, Hypernative has saved more than $50M from falling into the hands of cyber miscreants to date.

So, how did we at Chainstack assist this influential name in Web3 security reach these dizzying heights? Let’s find out!

How Hypernative started with Chainstack

When we first connected with Hypernative, they were already using a range of node providers. As we understood, they expected us to contribute crucial multi-chain support with a good UI and competitive pricing. For a company deeply engaged in extracting blockchain data, robust and reliable node API access was a requirement they laid emphasis on.

We understood that Hypernative’s needs were comprehensive. Fetching raw block data, transaction data, and reliably executing other specific API calls regularly termed the team’s needs. Hypernative had challenges related to the response time and the need for durability in its infrastructure which we acknowledged and improved over time. Our multi-chain support, competitive pricing, reliable nodes, and receptive customer service appealed greatly to Hypernative’s scalable requirements.

The crux of our relationship has not merely been about aligning our offerings with Hypernative’s needs, but also about growth and scale that benefits both parties. Hypernative has tapped into our diverse services using Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes for real-time data processing, which offer a superior edge with improved load balancing and redundancy and dedicated for historical tasks.

Hypernative on Chainstack in numbers

Our impactful partnership with Hypernative is best reflected through the compelling numbers:

  • We currently support 20 active elastic nodes, delivering high reliability, scalability, and multichain support that Hypernative relies on.
  • Our solutions benefit Hypernative in managing data across diverse protocols including Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, Fantom, Gnosis, Optimism, Polygon, Starknet, and zkSync Era.
  • A striking figure of 425.8M+ elastic node requests have been processed via our nodes, characterizing the magnitude of requests Hypernative handles.

When we break down the regions, Dallas sees the highest number of requests with a total of 265.1M, followed by Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes’ count of 160.7M. This showcases our wide network coverage, confirming our commitment to service availability at all times.

Looking at the protocol usage, zkSync Era leads the pack with 249.9M requests, whereas BNB Smart Chain comes in second with a noteworthy request count of 139.6M. It is followed by Ethereum at 21.1M and Starknet at 15.2M protocol requests.

For Archive requests, this includes handling 54.8% eth_getTransactionReceipt, 13.6% eth_call, and 6.6% debug_traceTransaction requests, among others. Simultaneously, for Full requests, our services processed 41.7% eth_call and 16.4% starknet_getTransactionReceipt, followed by 9.1% starknet_blockNumber.

Figure 1: Hypernative full and archive node RU allocation

These statistics reflect our ongoing commitment to deliver the highest value for Hypernative with each interaction. Our multi-chain capability is imperative in this context, standing as a testimony to our prowess in the sector.

What is Hypernative?

Hypernative, a trailblazer in the world of Web3 security, is steadfast in thwarting zero-day cyberattacks and safeguarding digital assets, protocols, and Web3 applications from significant financial losses. Hypernative monitors over 30 chains, covering security, technical, financial, governance and other risks. Hypernative Platform detected 99.5% of hacks last year with less than 0.001% false positive rate and saved more than $50 million of funds to date..

Not only do they focus on comprehensive security monitoring, but they also offer poignant insights into governance, economic issues, and on-chain activities—an all-round security powerhouse. Working with leading organizations across various industries, Hypernative has been an exemplary sentinel, vigilantly monitoring assets like protocols, contracts, and wallets.

What’s unique about Hypernative is its ability to detect, monitor, and manage a wide spectrum of risks in real time. The company offers 24/7 monitoring services that cover governance, security, economic, and on-chain activities, providing users with precise insights to avoid unnecessary risk.

One of Hypernative’s key strengths is its swift and efficient reaction to potential Web3 threats. The platform’s real-time protection system has already detected over 764,433 risks, triggered 33,042 alerts, and diligently monitored 1,443 protocols.

Meanwhile, Hypernative’s innovative platform is capable of customizing alerts and integrating them into user workflows via APIs, emails, Slack, and built-in alerts inbox which is an appealing facet for many relying on Hypernative for its Web3 operations. From always-on governance and security monitoring, preemptive risk detection, focused and accurate insights, to workflow integrations; Hypernative offers a comprehensive Web3 security solution.

“Our collaboration with Hypernative highlights Chainstack’s capacity to support cutting-edge Web3 security. Their commitment to safeguarding blockchain environments matches our own, enabling us to enhance and scale our solutions effectively together.”

Eugene Aseev, CTO & Co-Founder, Chainstack

Bringing it all together

In the frontier of Web3 security, every partnership counts. At Chainstack, our collaboration with Hypernative stands as a testament to our shared commitment to fortifying the digital space. The platform’s impressive track record in mitigating risks and providing robust protection to digital assets, protocols, and applications resonates deeply with our mission.

Our multi-chain support, reliable nodes, and competitive pricing have proven to be an asset to Hypernative’s operational strategy. We are proud to meet the team’s comprehensive needs through our accessible, flexible, and effective managed blockchain services. Furthermore, our commitment to responsive customer service has ensured we continue to add value to Hypernative’s already commendable efforts in the realm of Web3 security.

Our partnership with Hypernative, driven by a common goal of enhancing Web3 security, has been a journey of mutual growth and exciting challenges. As this journey progresses, we at Chainstack look forward to fostering deeper relations and achieving new milestones with Hypernative, making the Web3 ecosystem a safer place to navigate.

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