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Build better with Polygon nodes

Run high-performing Polygon RPC nodes and APIs in minutes on a platform built for scale.

“The rapid adoption of Polygon has resulted in the need for strong infrastructure that can support the high throughput on-chain transactions from 300+ DApps on Polygon. We are pleased to collaborate with Chainstack to make the blockchain experience seamless for users and developers.”

Sandeep Nailwal Co-Founder and COO, Polygon

Reliable Polygon mainnet and testnet infrastructure

Chainstack makes sure you get access to robust and scalable infrastructure, ready for your Polygon journey, in a matter of minutes.

We take away the burden of managing it so that you can instantly focus on building, trading, and exploring data on the Polygon commit chain.

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Start fast with elastic Polygon RPC nodes

Elastic Polygon RPC nodes* provide personal, geographically diverse, and protected API endpoints you can immediately start using to interact with Polygon networks, starting at $0 per month.

Chainstack elastic Polygon RPC nodes

  • No rate limiting or throttling
  • Near-instant deployment
  • Global endpoint locations
  • Secure HTTP and WebSocket APIs
  • Polygon API namespaces: net, eth, web3
  • Standard Polygon RPC methods

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Propagate transactions to the blockchain 2.5x faster

Chainstack Warp transactions are channeled through the bloXroute BDN integration making it instantly available for validators to include in the next block.

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Polygon archive nodes starting at just $49

Get access to Polygon archive nodes to query the entire history of the mainnet—starting at just $49 per month.

And with Chainstack’s Bolt fast sync technology, you can deploy your own dedicated archive node in minutes instead of months.

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Hours taken to sync an Polygon node

Turbocharged sync

With Chainstack’s patented Bolt technology you get fully synced dedicated Polygon RPC nodes in almost no time at all.

By using up-to-date snapshots of the ledger, Chainstack spins up dedicated Polygon RPC nodes with the latest state — so you get a node ready same day rather than having to wait long sync times while spinning it from genesis block.

Introducing Bolt
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Hours taken to sync a Polygon node

Dedicated Polygon RPC nodes for dedicated users

Backed up by an expert support team, Chainstack’s dedicated Polygon RPC nodes are a go-to for request-intensive workloads on the Polygon network, including traders and plethora of different DeFi projects.

Chainstack dedicated Polygon RPC nodes

  • Unlimited requests, no rate limiting or throttling
  • Rapid deployment through Bolt
  • Extended API namespaces: debug and txpool
  • GraphQL API for fast and resource-effective querying
  • Private hosting options available

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Chainstack Marketplace

Chainstack is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Polygon ecosystem: tools, apps and services that you use every day to build your applications or amplify returns.

We work closely with developers and Polygon community to ensure seamless integration for our end users.

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Build on Polygon blockchain with us

Discover a wealth of information on how to deploy blockchain infrastructure and build amazing applications using Polygon RPCs and APIs with Chainstack.

Notes for Polygon API

  1. When communicating with a Polygon RPC node, the Polygon client implements a JSON-RPC specification, a communication protocol allowing one to make remote calls and execute them as if they were made locally.
  2. The Polygon API allows developers to communicate with the Polygon blockchain to build applications. The best way to use the Polygon API is to use a Web3 library such as web3.js if using JavaScript or web3.py using Python.