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A swift L2 optimistic rollup blockchain from core Ethereum developers.

Explore the features

Public / Private / PermissionedPublic
Smart contractsYes
Smart contract languages supportedSolidity, Vyper, Yul, Huff
Transaction privacyNo
Transaction visibilityAll participants have access to all entries ever recorded.
Transaction orderingThe right to reorder transactions within an N-block window is auctioned off to the highest bidder. The winner of the auction has the right to reorder submitted transactions and insert their own, as long as they do not delay any specific transaction by more than N blocks.

Fault tolerance

A L2 validator follows the L1 chain, monitoring it for transaction batches and output commitments, then commits them to the chain state after a specific block. Both of these are submitted by the sequencer.


Fixed 12-second block time.

Industry use case

Layer 2 scalability with full EVM compatibility and built-in migration capabilities.

What’s next?

Start today with an elastic or dedicated Optimism node.

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