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An EVM blockchain specifically forged for gaming, Ronin is developed by Sky Mavis, the creators of Axie Infinity. It's known for processing over $4B in NFT volumes and enabling seamless in-game transactions with near-instant speeds and minimal fees, making it a leader in Web3 games.

Explore the features

ConsensusDelegated proof-of-stake (DPoS)
Public / Private / PermissionedPublic
Smart contractsYes
Smart contract language(s) supportedSolidity, Vyper
Transaction privacyNo
Transaction visibilityAll participants have access to all entries ever recorded.
Transaction orderingAll validating participants must reach consensus over the order of all transactions that have taken place, irrespective of whether a participant has taken part in a particular transaction or not.

Fault tolerance 

Ronin uses delegated proof-of-stake consensus model secured by 22 validators.


As a proof-of-stake protocol, Ronin produces blocks at a fixed interval of 3 seconds per block.

Industry use case

Large-scale Web3 games, requiring high transaction throughput and low fees.

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