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Build better with Polygon zkEVM nodes

Run high-performing Polygon zkEVM RPC nodes and APIs in minutes on a platform built for scale

“The new zkEVM L2 requires a strong infrastructure to support the high throughput of the network with the best experience for the DApps. We are pleased to collaborate with Chainstack to make the zkEVM equivalence seamless for users and developers.”

David Schwartz Co-founder Polygon Hermez and Polygon ID

A powerful Ethereum L2 scaling solution on Polygon zkEVM

Polygon zkEVM uses zero-knowledge cryptographic proofs, also known as ZK-Rollup. This scalability solution gives validity and a swift finality to off-chain transactions and computations.

While maintaining opcode compatibility with EVM, smart contracts are executed transparently by publishing zero-knowledge validity proofs.

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Reliable Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta and Testnet infrastructure

Chainstack gives you access to robust and scalable infrastructure, allowing you to launch your Web3 project into the stratosphere in no time at all.

Don’t be burdened by the tasks of managing and maintaining nodes all by yourself when you can take advantage of our services to help kick start your project on Polygon zkEVM.

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Start fast with elastic Polygon zkEVM RPC nodes

Elastic Polygon zkEVM RPC nodes grant you secure, globally distributed, and protected endpoints so you can immediately start using the Polygon zkEVM network. Get started today from $0 per month.

Chainstack elastic Polygon zkEVM RPC nodes  

  • No rate limiting or throttling 
  • Near-instant deployment
  • Secure HTTP

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Dedicated Polygon zkEVM RPC nodes for dedicated users

Backed up by an expert support team and world-class engineers, Chainstack’s dedicated nodes are a go-to for your request-intensive workloads on Polygon zkEVM, suitable for a plethora of Web3 projects.

Chainstack dedicated Polygon zkEVM RPC nodes

  • Unlimited requests, no rate limiting or throttling
  • Rapid deployment through Bolt
  • Global endpoint locations

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Turbocharged sync

You can have fully synced dedicated Polygon zkEVM nodes at your command in no time with Chainstack’s patented Bolt technology.

By using up-to-date snapshots of the ledger, Chainstack spins up dedicated Polygon zkEVM RPC nodes with the latest state—so you get a node ready same day rather than having to wait long sync times while spinning it from genesis block.

Introducing Bolt
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Hours taken to sync a Polygon zkEVM node
We accept payments in cryptocurrencies for Polygon zkEVM RPC nodes. Learn more

Chainstack Marketplace

Chainstack is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Polygon ecosystem: tools, apps and services that you use every day to build your applications or amplify returns.

We work closely with developers and Polygon community to ensure seamless integration for our end users.

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Grow with Polygon zkEVM on Chainstack

Discover a wealth of information on how to deploy blockchain infrastructure and build amazing applications using Polygon zkEVM RPCs and APIs with Chainstack.