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Run your own ZK L2 with Polygon CDK

Fully customizable to perfectly fit your application with the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK).

Polygon CDK chains

L2 with CDK

Leveraging the Polygon CDK framework for rapid deployment and maintenance of ZK-powered L2 chains on Ethereum​.

Modular and scalable

High modularity: Tailor your L2 chains to meet specific requirements ensuring each application operates at maximum efficiency.

Scalable: High throughput and no network congestion.

Customizable and privacy-capable

Customizable transaction costs: Adjust transaction costs to suit your users’ needs and achieve your business objectives with ease
Privacy protection: Prioritize privacy in your applications, safeguarding your operations and user data

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Best use cases

Business requirements

Creating custom L2 chains for specific business requirements.

Transition to L2

Transition your existing L1 chains into L2s seamlessly.

Privacy focused

Building privacy-centric applications with enhanced data protection features.

High throughput

Achieving higher throughput and alleviating network congestion for better user experience.

Custom transaction costs

Implementing cost-effective solutions by customizing transaction costs.

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Start today with Chainstack

Chainstack is helping thousands of projects run on Polygon.

We are proud to collaborate with the Polygon Labs team and give developers the ability to custom design their very own appchains in the most seamless manner.

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