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Getting data is easy

Built on top of the Chainstack Subgraphs indexing engine, our Elastic Subgraphs allows you to query the entirety of the on-chain events in one simple GraphQL interface. From real-time trading transactions to APY leaderboards, you can navigate the market, explore the trends, and discover every insight to always be one step ahead of the market.

Available across every major DeFi protocols

Ever-growing portfolio of leading protocols ensures that you always have access to the most relevant data on the market.

Maker DAO  

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Navigate the DEX world

Utilize the power of Elastic Subgraphs to navigate through liquidity pairs, reserves, and trading transactions across major DEX platforms on the market.

  • Access liquidity pairs & reserves instantly
  • Analyze market trends for informed decision-making
  • Build custom dashboards for advanced analytics

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Thrive the lending game

Improve your strategies and optimize decision-making with real-time data on APY, staking rewards, and token health rates.

  • Extract data-driven insights to enhance your staking strategy
  • Use data to build APY leaderboards
  • Boost portfolio management with easy access to up-to-date token data

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Maximize your yields

Maximise yield farming profits with advanced data access.

  • Track yield ranking and trends
  • Adjust risk management with data insights
  • Consolidate data for yield aggregators

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Unbeatable pricing

No compute fees. To make your monthly spending predictable, every API call to the subgraph is billed at a flat rate in Request Units, or RU irrespective of the type of request or the computational resources it requires

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Use cases

Learn more about the best ways to leverage Elastic Subgraphs for the benefit of your business.

DeFi applications

Boost your DApp functionality. Use our API to fetch in-app trading data, track liquidity pairs in real-time, and build comprehensive dashboards.

Research and analytics

Utilize the versatility of Elastic Subgraphs to deep-dive through the market insights and extract quality research data using just one tool.

Portfolio management

Follow up staking APY leaderboard. Visualize token value and win on insight to guarantee the best performance of your portfolio. Fetch the data and stay ahead of the market.

Trading professionals

Power up your trading strategy with DeFi data available in real-time. Get instant access to every trading transaction and optimize your decisions to get maximum profits.

Quiery on-chain data with Elastic Subgraphs

Discover a wealth of information on how to work with Elastic Subgraphs and build amazing applications with Chainstack.