Managed blockchain infrastructure

Chainstack’s managed blockchain services make it simple to join, launch, and scale decentralized networks and applications.

Now you can safely experiment and run in production using enterprise-grade tools and services.

Have a blockchain DevOps support team that grows with you

Managing blockchain infrastructure without Chainstack

You need to:

  • Continuously monitor and provision your resources.
  • Negotiate cloud resource usage rates.
  • Perform complex node and network administration.
  • Handle backup and recovery.
  • Keep up to date with protocol release schedules, breaking changes, patches, and hard forks.
Cloud and DevOps engineer hours
$100,000 + / year
+ resource usage

Managing blockchain infrastructure with Chainstack

You get:

  • Automated resource management and optimization.
  • Predictable, hourly pricing.
  • Patching, upgrading and breaking change handling.
  • Built-in event logging and network monitoring.
  • Enterprise-grade security, backup and recovery.
  • Custom blockchain interaction and network management tools.
  • Distributed application management.
  • Highly available support.
Chainstack Business subscription
$999 / year
+ resource usage

The best way for end users, application builders, and service providers to deploy, manage, and scale

Reduce the time, cost, and the risk involved with leveraging decentralized technologies.

With a secure API, membership management, and flexible deployment options, you can immediately accelerate and future-proof your development.

A single platform to host all your blockchain nodes and networks, for you or your customers

We closely monitor and support the most popular consortium and public blockchain/DLT protocols so that your team can spend time building on them.

Multi-cloud deployment lets you build where you need

Chainstack helps you administer your network in any environment, whether you want to deploy on one of the leading public clouds, on-premises, or any variation of the two.

The flexible solution that keeps your systems up and running

Chainstack provides the features you need to experiment securely and with ease, then scale the solution that works best.

Enterprise-grade software
Optimized for growth
Freedom to choose the right solutions
Flexibility to deploy anywhere

Enterprise-grade software

  • User accounts and permissions.
  • Node and network monitoring.
  • Self-healing nodes with predictable uptime.
  • Stable, private API endpoints.
  • Secure vault for key and certificate management.
  • Technical support and troubleshooting.

Hosting options

Choose how to access the power of Chainstack based on your or your customer’s needs for the self-sovereignty of nodes, keys, and infrastructure.

Run with select components managed by Chainstack, as a fully-managed service that is run in our optimized multi-cloud infrastructure, or 100% hosted in your private cloud.

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Platform API

Get access to an API designed to simplify and automate your blockchain infrastructure management.

Programmatically build, test, and deliver solutions that connect to the Chainstack service.

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A complete selection of protocols, services, application templates, client libraries, and development tools designed to complement your blockchain solutions.

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