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Raw Web3 data for your warehouse

Ingest Web3 data with the industry leaders.

Whether you need an affordable and fast backfill or real-time ingestion, or both — Chainstack nodes are already serving the raw Web3 data to dozens of the industry leading projects. Get the best & most affordable throughput on the market guaranteed.

20+ protocols

20+ blockchain protocols are ready for you to ingest the data through at the highest RPS & throughput on the market. Any of the nodes can be custom tailored for your scenario: whether you need higher than average block range batches or you have an extremely powerful Rust backend instance — Chainstack can handle it all.

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Ethereum  View Protocol
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Arbitrum  View Protocol
zkSync Era∎  View Protocol
Polygon zkEVM  View Protocol
Optimism  View Protocol
Oasis Sapphire  View Protocol
Aurora  View Protocol
Solana  View Protocol
Aptos  View Protocol
Gnosis Chain  View Protocol
Cronos  View Protocol
Fantom  View Protocol
Starknet  View Protocol
Harmony  View Protocol
Tezos  View Protocol
Scroll  View Protocol

Real-time & backfills at any scale.

Any configuration, any needs — from global availability to beefed up, dedicated, and powerful nodes to match your backend instance both in resources & location. And much more.

Dedicated backfills

Have a lot of data to backfill for a number of chains starting from the genesis block to today? Dedicated nodes will serve you best and you won’t get charged for every request — just for the raw compute & storage to fill up your warehouse tanks as fast as possible.

Real-time raw data

Once you have caught up with all the historical data to today, our global elastic nodes that are also load balanced will keep data ingestion abreast with every new block.

Any location

Dedicated or elastic — you’ll have the Chainstack nodes as closest to your location as possible to make sure you get data the fastest.

Upsize node resources

Have an extremely beefy backend ingesting the data and need to backfill as fast as possible? We’ll upsize the dedicated node resources for you so there’s no bottleneck.

Node software to match your needs

Have your backend configured for one EVM network and switching to a different one comes back with missing call method? We have different node clients available for you to match your setup the best.

Any node configuration

Have a particularly hungry eth_call to get the data the fastest and in larger amounts but hitting the gas cap? Or need a far bigger range of blocks for eth_getLogs and eth_newFilter?

We’ll configure any of that and so much more for you so you can win the Web3 data race.

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