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A public permissionless non-EVM Layer 1 network secured by proof-of-stake.

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Public / Private / PermissionedPublic
Smart contractsYes
Smart contract language(s) supportedSolidity, WebAssembly (WASM), Rust
Transaction privacyYes - ParaTime (ZKP)
Transaction visibilityAll participants have access to all entries ever recorded.
Transaction orderingAll validating participants must reach consensus over the order of all transactions that have taken place, irrespective of whether a participant has taken part in a particular transaction or not.

Fault tolerance

The chain is secured by Oasis Sapphire staking validators.


As a proof-of-stake protocol, Oasis Sapphire produces 600 blocks within a single epoch interval.

Industry use case

Scalable and confidentiality-enabled Layer 1 EVM Network for DApps.

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What’s next

Start today with an elastic Oasis Sapphire node.

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