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Dedicated Subgraphs

Index and query blockchain data with faster, better, and more reliable infrastructure.

Deploy subgraphs with 99.9%+ availability and fetch smart contract data at twice the speed of competition.

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Built on enterprise-grade infrastructure

The fastest real-time indexing solution, coupled with SLAs and 24/7 support.

Ultra fast global network

Experience blazing-fast indexing and near-zero latency sync with indexers and nodes placed in the same data center.

Seamless integration

Plug and play deployment and subgraph migration from hosted services.

High availability

Build confidently without network disruption with over 99.9% availability.

Intuitive interface

Deploy subgraphs with the same tooling, UI, and similar CLI as The Graph.

Zero-node maintenance

Query subgraphs without running any nodes or infrastructure.

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How does Dedicated Subgraphs work?

Create or host subgraphs in a few clicks with an intuitive interface designed to easily set up subgraphs, monitor sync status and migrate from hosted services with the same CLI support.

Create subgraphs
Migrate subgraphs

Create subgraphs

Create subgraph
Sync subgraph
Query endpoint

Create subgraph

Create an account and head to the interface and click create subgraph.


Sync subgraph

Use Graph CLI to deploy your subgraph and it’ll start indexing.


Query endpoint

After the indexing process is complete, subgraph data can be consumed via the GraphQL endpoint.

Create subgraph
Sync subgraph
Query endpoint

How Chainstack is different

Hosted Service

Barrier to entry

$73 / month



99.9%+ availability

95% (figures based on server uptime data from July 2023 ~ October 2023 from The Graph)


Up to 1,000 RPS

Depends on workload

Indexing speed

Up to 3x faster than the Hosted Service


Supported networks

Support for up to 14 protocols on production

Ethereum on production and 19 others are in beta

Supports appchains

Service level agreements (SLA)

Dedicated supported

24/7 support available

Indexes appchains too

Leverage Dedicated Subgraphs to query real-time data from appchains and index on-chain activity.

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Bring your own RPC node

Even if we don’t currently support the protocol, you can still query smart contract data with our custom
hosting service as long as it is supported by The Graph or is EVM compatible. Just provide us with the RPC node endpoint, and we’ll handle the rest.

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Pricing made simpler

A flat fee for a fixed amount of requests and the option to pay as you go. No more complicated payments and gas fees or staking GRT tokens. Pay with credit card or top up with crypto. Say goodbye to hidden fees or unexpected charges.

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Jumpstart your Dedicated Subgraphs development with example scripts

Accelerate your subgraph development with constantly updated tutorials based on real-world use cases.

Use cases

DeFi applications

Instant access to historical transactions or token data.

Game developers

Hassle-free tracking and visualization of in-game analytics.

Research and analytics

Stream real-time data happening on-chain to track the latest activities.

DApp developers

Quick and simple to fetch custom smart contract data.

Deploy your Dedicated subgraph with us

Discover a wealth of information on how to deploy a Dedicated subgraph and build amazing applications with Chainstack.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can my subgraph from The Graph Hosted Service be used with Chainstack?

All subgraphs from The Graph Hosted Service can be simply migrated over to Chainstack in a few clicks. We offer the same tooling, similar UI, and support for CLI.

Do I need to purchase an archive node to host or deploy a subgraph?

No, both Elastic and Dedicated Subgraphs come with complimentary* Chainstack archive nodes so users don’t have to worry about node maintenance or syncing between indexer nodes.

*No additional fees are required for the archive node.

What networks are supported?
  • Ethereum
  • BNB Smart Chain,
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • Aurora
  • Fantom
  • Gnosis Chain
  • Base

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