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Chainstack Elastic Nodes

Build at the speed of thought with fast, reliable, and affordable nodes

World’s most resilient Web3 API designed to deliver unbounded performance. Consistently. Relentlessly.

Award-winning architecture trusted by the best

Global is the new Standard

Introducing a reimagined Standard mode designed to deliver unseen performance & reliability with its all-new globally distributed and geo-load-balanced architecture helping businesses & developers give their customers the best user experience ever.

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Multi-chain by design

Build limitlessly with an ever-expanding portfolio of blockchains

Global Nodes
Regional Nodes
Ethereum  View Protocol
Solana  View Protocol
Polygon  View Protocol
Arbitrum  View Protocol
Optimism  View Protocol
Avalanche  View Protocol
zkSync Era∎  View Protocol
Starknet  View Protocol
Scroll  View Protocol
Aptos  View Protocol
Fantom  View Protocol
Cronos  View Protocol
Gnosis Chain  View Protocol
Aurora  View Protocol
Oasis Sapphire  View Protocol
Polygon zkEVM  View Protocol
Tezos  View Protocol
Harmony  View Protocol

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Unbreakable. Unstoppable.
An award-winning RPC architecture that is intelligent in every way.

Chainstack Elastic Nodes place the exact same unmatched intelligence and performance in your hands as the architecture powering our Unstoppable RPC project awarded by the Ethereum Foundation.

No artificial limits.
Just unbounded performance.

It’s a promise we take very seriously.

Platform Throughput 25,000+ Requests Per Second

Averaged across all users over the last 30 days

“Rapid adoption of Polygon has resulted in the need for Chainstack’s strong infra that can support high on-chain throughput.”
—Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon
Best throughput

Never be short on resources when you need them. Enjoy the highest throughput in the industry, regardless of traffic volumes. Need to handle a massive influx? Go for it.

No daily request limits

All our plans include class-leading monthly request volumes with no limits on the number or type of requests your DApp can make every day. Daily request limits? Who needs that?

Warp Transactions. Even more performance unbound.

The fastest transaction propagation on the planet. Warp Transactions help you supercharge your trading by tunneling your transactions through the ultra high-speed bloXroute network and making them available instantly for validators to include in the next block.

Available on

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Up to 2.5x faster than regular P2P transactions

Remarkably resilient.
Even when the going gets tough.

Especially when it gets tough.

Always on.
Always available.

Meticulously redesigned from the ground up, the intelligent, globally load-balanced architecture delivers greater than 99.99% uptime and worry-free, uninterrupted service.

Perfectly balanced.
As all nodes should be.

Geo-load-balanced and distributed worldwide, Global Elastic Nodes automatically route requests to the nearest geo-located servers for the fastest service seamlessly.

Great user experiences.
Delivered consistently.

Guarantee consistently great performance & experience for all your users with the lowest latency and fastest response times. Even when they travel to the other side of the globe.

Identifies and rectifies.
In less than 1 second.

The adaptive and persistent fault-tolerance system monitors network-health in realtime and automatically reroutes your traffic to the most performant nodes in under 1 second.

More clouds. More locations.
Unlimited flexibility all the way.
Chainstack Global Network Global is the new Standard

The all new Standard mode helps you deploy nodes in under 1 second, powered by our completely reimagined globally distributed load-balancer service. And all this without having you click on anything other than “Next”.

Advanced mode. For your love of fine-tuning.
See Advanced mode in action
Customize regional location A location of your choice

From Tokyo to Oregon, pin-point and deploy your node in a location nearest to the region your dApp needs to service.

Customize cloud provider A cloud of your choice

Build on the Chainstack Cloud with its best-in-class security & uptime, or choose a managed cloud service from AWS, GCP, Azure, or Virtuozzo.

Available across

Amazon Web Services
N. Virginia
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Chainstack Cloud
Los Angeles
New York
Bring your own cloud
Choose 20+ regions available on Amazon EKS via private hosting
Don’t see the hosting provider or location you need?
Unrivaled infrastructure.
Unbeatable pricing.

No method-specific fees. To make your monthly infra spending predictable, every API call to your node is billed at a flat rate in Request Units, or RU irrespective of the type of request or the computational resources it requires.

Elastic Full Node request
1 RU
Elastic Archive Node request
2 RUs
Subgraphs request
20 RUs
Ain’t no time like the present.
Ready to get started?
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Customer stories


Balancing the heavy network load of breakneck social gaming interactions on-chain with an adaptive BNB setup.


Capturing superb node performance while extending multi-chain support to top-rated networks for users.


Securing stable platform and token performance on BNB Chain, while reinforcing it with cross-chain support.
Frequently Asked Questions
What are Global Elastic Nodes?

A new standard in our Elastic Nodes infrastructure offering, Global Elastic Nodes are powered by a globally distributed load-balancing architecture that provides the lowest latency and fastest response times by routing traffic to the nearest, most performant nodes across multiple locations worldwide.

How do I deploy a Global Elastic Node?

When you deploy new Elastic Nodes from within the Chainstack Console, the default node configuration is set to Standard. This deploys a Global Elastic Node without you having to go through Advanced parameters. All it takes is for you to click “Next”.

View our live interactive demo to see how it works

How long does it take to deploy a global elastic node?

Global Elastic Nodes take less than 1 second to be deployed and become ready for use instantly thereafter.

Which protocols do Global Elastic Nodes support?

Global Elastic Nodes are being launched for Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon in the first phase of rollout. This will be followed by support for 15+ new protocols being launched in the coming weeks, eventually becoming available across our entire line-up of protocol offerings.

Are both Full and Archive node requests supported?

Yes, both Full and Archive node requests are supported.

Does using Global Elastic Nodes require additional fees?

No. Usage of Global Elastic Nodes does not require any additional fees and is billed at the same flat rate of 1 RU (Request Unit) for Full node requests, and 2 RUs per Archive node request.

How do load-balancing and post-recovery transition management work?

Our global load-balancing architecture swiftly re-routes operations in less than 1 second if a node is down or stressed enough to cause a lag of more than 40 blocks.

Once a node recovers, HTTP connections will return to it instantaneously. WebSocket connections will remain on the switched node for the duration of the ongoing session and will auto-connect to the original node, once available, in the next session.