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Polygon Growth: Polygon developer ecosystem growth backed by Chainstack data


Polygon—a decentralized scaling platform that started as Layer 2 to Ethereum—launched its mainnet as Matic in mid-2020, a perfect time for the user adoption boom that followed on Ethereum and Ethereum-based networks later in 2020, and is still happening today.

Rebranded into Polygon in February 2021, the project expanded into becoming a suite of scalability solutions, including Polygon PoS commit chain, Polygon Hermez ZK rollup and other architecture solutions.

Polygon network growth

Polygon attracted more than 50 DApps even before launching its mainnet in 2020, which at the time made Polygon the most adopted Layer 2 solution right at the start.

Polygon has been on a steep growth trajectory ever since. A year after the launch, in mid-2021, Polygon went through a meteoric rise in transaction volume and exceeded the Ethereum transaction count by 18%.

At the same time, Polygon’s native DEX—QuickSwap—exceeded the transaction volume of Uniswap by 20%.

The explosive rate of the Polygon adoption manifested in the user numbers, developers, dapps, and the overall transaction volume has been and remains to be fully supported by the Chainstack infrastructure. Chainstack is a highly accessible, secure platform and a trusted ally for the Polygon community.

Eugene Aseev, Founder and CTO of Chainstack

Polygon developers’ growth backed by Chainstack data

Chainstack launched Polygon support in May 2021 and went on an x4 increase in the number of deployed nodes in the first two months.

After the initial burst in the developer deployed nodes, the month-over-month growth stabilized at an average of 20% increase per month.

The total growth in the deployed node numbers from the launch of Polygon nodes on Chainstack in May 2021 until the end of February 2022 is an impressive 2827%.

Other data points:

  • 6% of all Polygon nodes currently active on Chainstack are archive nodes.
  • 20% of all projects running Polygon nodes are multi-chain—they run at least one other non-Polygon node for their DApps and services.

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