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Tag: Ethereum


The Brownie tutorial series—Part 4

In this tutorial, we will see how to use the Brownie GUI tool for contract evaluation, how to use the Brownie package manager and how to add a front-end to your Brownie Application.

Sethu Raman Omanakuttan
November 17, 2022


Ethereum clients— Geth and Erigon

This article is a deep dive into the architecture of Geth and Erigon, the two most popular Ethereum clients.

Davide Zambiasi
November 8, 2022


zkEVM and zkRollups Explained

zkEVMs are an attempt to overcome the complexity of implementing an EVM-compatible zk-rollup to ease the integration with current EVM tools and opcodes along with the knowledge derived from it.

Bastian Simpertigue
November 3, 2022


Querying full and archive Ethereum nodes with Python

Whenever we need to query data from the blockchain, we fetch it from a node. An archive node differs from a full node since the first holds the entire history of network transactions. Thus, some queries for older block transactions cannot be fetched easily on a full node. In this tutorial, we will programmatically fetch data from the blockchain, switching between full and archive nodes when necessary.

Bastian Simpertigue
September 22, 2022


The Brownie tutorial series—Part 3 

In the third part of the brownie tutorial series, we dive deep into testnets, we show you how to configure certain aspects of your project and we will also see how to use the brownie mixes feature for building projects.

Sethu Raman Omanakuttan
September 20, 2022