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Tag: Ethereum


How to buidl your own Web3 dashboard

The tutorial shows you how to build a simple Web3 dashboard using web3.py, google sheets and the data from EVM-based blockchains.

Sethu Raman Omanakuttan
September 14, 2022


The Merge: You are all set with Chainstack

In this comprehensive step-by-step guide, you will learn how The Merge impacts Ethereum’s application and infrastructure layer, the 5 most common merge-misconceptions, and what you need to do with your DApp and your nodes for a smooth transition to proof-of-stake.

Evgeny Konstantinov
September 9, 2022


Using Chainlink data feeds with Foundry

Chainlink is one of the most popular decentralized oracles in DeFi today, while Foundry is an up and coming smart contract development framework that promises blazing fast speeds. Learn a bit about both in this tutorial by deploying a chainlink smart contract using Foundry.

Priyank Gupta
September 8, 2022


Querying full and archive Ethereum nodes with JavaScript

Whenever we need to query data from the blockchain, we fetch it from a node. An archive node differs from a full node since the first holds the entire history of network transactions. Thus, some queries for older block transactions cannot be fetched easily on a full node. In this tutorial, we will programmatically fetch data from the blockchain, switching between full and archive nodes when necessary.

Bastian Simpertigue
August 24, 2022