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Faster, better, stronger: Web3 infrastructure at scale with Chainstack Dedicated Nodes

Welcome to a world where your limits are defined only by your imagination. Welcome to Chainstack. At Chainstack, we believe in the limitless potential of the Web3 landscape and the innovative work that you, as a developer, are doing in this space.

We are not just a platform; we are your reliable partner, your window into the exciting world of Web3 development. We understand the intricacies of working within the blockchain ecosystem, which is why we’ve created our dedicated nodes, specifically designed to support unbounded Web3 development.

That’s why we conceived Chainstack Dedicated Nodes—to remove traditional barriers and give you unparalleled access to Web3 development so that you can BUIDL freely and without constraints. Let’s explore the details.

Chainstack Dedicated Nodes for unbounded Web3 development

At Chainstack, our journey has always been dedicated to providing Web3 developers, like yourself, the cutting-edge tools you need to harness the full potential of whatever it is you’re building. So, we channeled our groundbreaking performance, security, and accessibility to create a state-of-the-art solution—Chainstack Dedicated Nodes. Designed for limitless customization and flexibility, Chainstack Dedicated Nodes are the key you need to build and scale resource-heavy DApps.

We understand that, as a Web3 developer, you need the versatility to create on a diverse set of protocols. That is why we designed Chainstack Dedicated Nodes with multi-chain support from the start.

Whether it is Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB or Solana, Scroll, and zkSync Era, our ever-expanding portfolio of supported chains caters to your unique needs, ensuring you can BUIDL limitlessly and seamlessly choose the chains on which your revolutionary ideas will thrive.

Figure 1: Chainstack Dedicated Nodes supported protocols; Source: Chainstack

Our aim is simple: To optimize your Web3 development experience, enabling you to focus on creating breakthrough DApps while we take care of the heavy lifting. Chainstack Dedicated Nodes embody this philosophy. We let you focus on the building while we manage all the rest.

Unrestricted performance with Chainstack Dedicated Nodes

Innovation thrives when there are no artificial limits. Echoing this sentiment, our Dedicated Nodes are designed to sustain even the most demanding loads. Unlike traditional systems, our approach is limit-free by nature, allowing your Web3 project to grow without bounds and smoothly cater to increased demand.

Your success is our success. Our goal isn’t just to provide unmatched services; it’s to empower pioneering builders and their trailblazing DApps to become the next big thing in Web3. With Chainstack Dedicated Nodes, we’re committed to helping every aspiring developer bring their visions to life.

What makes Chainstack Dedicated Nodes great

We believe in delivering more than just tools. Our emphasis on fostering a rich and supportive experience for Web3 developers sets us apart. From our commitment to uninterrupted service to our focus on customization for optimal efficiency, we make sure every factor makes your journey, as a builder, both smooth and successful.

The reliability you deserve: Geo-load-balancing for a 99.9% uptime

We understand that consistency and reliability are paramount in your journey as a Web3 developer. Every second of downtime can cost you—in the faith of your users, your DApp’s reputation, and potentially in revenue.

As Web3 developers ourselves, we understand this very well, and consequently, we’ve woven tailored geo-load-balancing into the very fabric of Chainstack to ensure high availability of 99.9% for your DApps.

Utilizing a sturdy, geo-load-balanced architecture, we ensure continuous, consistent performance. Our smart rerouting mechanism swiftly shifts the load to the next most performant node if any network health issues emerge—resulting in seamless operations, even during the most challenging times.

Figure 2: Chainstack Global Load Balancer idea slide; Source: Chainstack

The result? A DApp that is even more robust and reliable, distributing incoming traffic effectively with optimized dedicated resources and eliminating single points of failure.

The award-winning architecture behind Chainstack Dedicated Nodes

At the heart of Chainstack lies our award-winning architecture—globally recognized for its groundbreaking design. Crafted to be robust and reliable, our architecture serves as the bedrock of your projects. It’s not just a tool for building state-of-the-art DApps; it’s your tireless partner in bringing forth innovation in the decentralized world.

Initially introduced as the “Unstoppable RPC Endpoint” at the ETH Belgrade hackathon and further developed for ETHGlobal Istanbul last year, our architectural design has earned numerous awards. It’s a key element of our Global Elastic Nodes, featuring an advanced, globally-distributed, geo-load-balanced system. This system is meticulously designed to evenly distribute workloads across various nodes, guaranteeing superior performance and dependability.

Figure 3: Unstoppable RPC Endpoint architecture; Source: ETHBelgrade hackathon repo

Bolt Sync: Deploy Chainstack Dedicated Nodes in moments

Delays can be frustrating, especially when you are ready to hit the ground running. That is why we created Bolt Sync—to enable developers to quickly spin up fully synchronized Chainstack Dedicated Nodes, carrying the latest state. With our patented Bolt technology, you can start building instantly.

Figure 4: Chainstack Bolt Sync introduction video; Source: Chainstack YouTube

Warp Transactions: Power your Web3 development with speed and efficiency

In the realm of Web3, speed is of the essence. Recognizing this, we took performance optimization to the next level with Warp Transactions. Offering lightning-fast transaction propagation, our solution ensures your transactions are made available instantly for validators to include in the next block, making them up to 2.5x faster than regular P2P transactions. This unbound performance is our way of supercharging your trading experience, opening up new possibilities in your Web3 journey.

Chainstack Dedicated Nodes: Boundless hosting and location

In the fast-paced world of Web3, being shackled by inflexible hosting options and restricted locations can be a bottleneck to progress. However, with Chainstack, you’re not confined by such limitations.

Whether it’s AWS, GCP, Azure, Chainstack Cloud, Hybrid Hosting, or a Bring-your-own-cloud setup, you can choose from the widest selection of managed cloud services for deploying your nodes. You also have the freedom to deploy your nodes globally—right where your users are. We believe in empowering you with choices because we understand that your needs are as unique as your vision.

A cloud and location of your choice for Chainstack Dedicated Nodes

The task of Web3 development requires comprehensive control over your resources. Moreover, it’s about having the right choices at your disposal. At Chainstack, we provide the widest selection of managed cloud services, granting you maximal control over your node deployments.

In our mission to empower you as a Web3 developer, it’s essential for us to break free from geographic constraints too. After all, your user base likely spans the globe, extending beyond geographical boundaries.

That is why, we allow you to pin-point and deploy your nodes precisely where your users are. From Tokyo to Oregon, our global array of selections puts you in control, enabling you to cater to your users effectively and efficiently.

Figure 5: Chainstack Dedicated Nodes supported clouds and locations; Source: Chainstack

Chainstack Cloud: A new standard in Web3 hosting

We’ve always believed in going above and beyond – and our approach to our cloud services is no different. The Chainstack Cloud offers a Web3 hosting solution that ensures zero rainy days, lighting-fast speeds, and near-zero latency. With the Chainstack Cloud, we’ve aimed to build an infrastructure that boosts your development efforts rather than hinder them.

Figure 6: Chainstack Cloud supported locations; Source: Chainstack

Hybrid Cloud: Tailored infrastructure meets on-premise control

Chainstack ensures that ease of use does not compromise control. Our Hybrid Cloud solution enables effortless deployment and management of dedicated nodes within your own infrastructure.

This perfect mix of dedicated nodes and tailored infrastructure provides the best of both worlds: the flexibility of cloud services and the command of on-premise systems. The result is a significant reduction in latency, enhanced response times, and exceptional convenience, especially for applications operating on AWS via a private network.

Figure 7: Chainstack-managed hosting vs Hybrid hosting comparison; Source: Chainstack

Private Networking: Enhance performance via direct node connection

When it comes to access to the node, we believe in cutting down the unnecessary layers. Our private networking solutions let your app interact with the node directly, minimizing latency and boosting application response time. You get to reap the benefits of a greatly improved performance by eliminating the hurdles standing between your app and the node.

Dedicated Nodes pricing that empowers you at every scale

The financial aspect of Web3 development is critical, and we aim to make it as simple and transparent as possible. Our pricing policies are straightforward and created with developers in mind. No more second-guessing your budget. We allow you to focus on building and reaching out to your next billion users with the simplest pricing in all of Web3.

Figure 8: Chainstack Dedicated Nodes pricing; Source: Chainstack

We understand that Web3 development isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why we have crafted a range of affordable commitment tiers to suit individual needs, whether you’re a solo developer just starting out or an established organization seeking a future-ready array of services.

Chainstack Dedicated Nodes cost-effectiveness

The question may arise—how would your on-premise costs hold up against ours? We’ve got you covered in our in-depth article on self-hosted Ethereum archive node costs. We believe in making endless Web3 possibilities within your reach, without breaking the bank. That’s the Chainstack promise.

But what about competitor comparisons? You can create custom usage profiles using our pricing calculator and check how well Chainstack fares against alternative providers. Transparency, simplicity, and affordability are at the forefront of our mission to make the world of Web3 accessible to all developers.

Figure 9: Chainstack pricing comparison and profiles; Source: Chainstack

Bringing it all together

In an ocean of unprecedented possibilities, the Web3 landscape unfurls a horizon where innovation is the sail and determination the wind that paves the route to unexplored islands of opportunity. Here at Chainstack, we firmly believe in this powerful dynamism and are committed to helping developers navigate these waters with our dedicated nodes and award-winning architecture.

With their incredible flexibility and high performance, Chainstack Dedicated Nodes give you more than just control. They equip you with the freedom to let your ideas soar while we tune the nitty-gritty.

Combine this with our robust range of benefits and our transparent pricing approach, and you have a steadfast ally in your journey through the Web3 universe. Whether you’re breaking ground on your first project or scaling a company, Chainstack is there every step of the way.

Innovation shouldn’t be shackled by constraints—technological, geographical, or financial—and Chainstack is here to ensure it never will be. We’re excited to empower your journey, supporting you as you shape the future of Web3 development.

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