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A blockchain framework implementation and one of the Hyperledger projects hosted by the Linux Foundation.

Explore the features

Global eventHyperledger Global Forum
Public / Private / PermissionedPrivate, Permissioned
Smart contractsYes
Smart contract language(s) supportedGo, Node.js, Java
Transaction privacyYes, via channels
Transaction visibilityBusinesses can create multiple private channels. Through the DLT application, participants can commit confidential transactions over these channels.
Transaction orderingTransactions are routed by the ordering node that receives the transaction to the current leader of that channel.
VersionPeer, Orderer: 2.2.0; Explorer 1.1.2

Fault tolerance

Raft is a crash fault-tolerant (CFT) ordering service. Raft follows a “leader and follower” model, where a leader node is elected (per channel), and its decisions are replicated by the followers. If the leader becomes unavailable, the followers will initiate a leader election, and one of them will be elected the new leader.


With Raft, everything is embedded into your ordering node. Of all consensus algorithms in Hyperledger Fabric, Raft supports the largest numbers of channels and transactions.

Suggestions for use with consortia

Raft is the go-to ordering service choice for production networks.

Industry use case

B2B contracts, supply chain, asset depository, asset interoperability.

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