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Fetch data from the blockchain easily

Forget about the complexity of NFT management. With Chainstack, you can easily fetch your NFTs and analyze the metadata, collection data, transaction history, floor prices, and more. All in one interface, with one provider.

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Advanced search tools

With our bleeding edge searching tools you can find any collection or NFT by just name or description text. Sort your search results by relevance, and verified status. Filter NFTs by metadata traits. Get the depth of Web3 with our convenient and superb toolset.

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NFT minting and management

Our API provides truly versatile opportunities. No need to spend hundreds of hours on custom code, feel free to mint NFTs to specified address. Manage, transfer, and update metadata. Relax and deploy an NFT smart contract without hesitation, and leave Web3 infrastructure challenges to us.

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How Our NFT API Works


Real-time updates

We are continuously indexing all existing and brand new NFT smart contracts on top blockchains by refreshing the states online after every corresponding event to make all of them available via REST API.



We standardize different blockchain smart contract specifications (e.g., ERC-721/ERC-1155/SPL etc.) into a simple but powerful API allowing you to avoid the entirety of the complex Web3 programming stack.


Minting API

We deploy a smart contract or mint an NFT and paying all needed transaction fees from our multichain wallets in the meantime billing your application resource consumption the same way as any Web2 infrastructure provider does.

Use cases

DApp developers

Easy access to multichain NFTs and all the corresponding data instantly.


Expand your user base into new blockchains using the universal mint & fetch API for all networks.


Get fast and convenient access to the full database of all NFTs and their mint transfer history.

Game developers

Add true ownership & trading mechanics of game assets for your users.

Top public blockchains in just one API

Launch your NFT App with a full list of methods.

Why choose Chainstack?

Peace of mind
  • Robust and reliable infrastructure with >99.99% uptime
  • Premium-level support with 24/7 chat with the support and R&D teams
  • Get NFT API, Nodes, and Storage in the same provider & hosting services
  • Crypto payments on all plans
  • No rate limits or throttling
  • No higher fee for heavy API calls
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