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A fork of Bitcoin Core that has been adapted for permissioned blockchains and is known for its speed and ease of deployment.

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ConsensusRound-robin validation based on distributed consensus between identified block validators similar to PBFT.
Public / Private / PermissionedPrivate, Permissioned
Smart contractsNo
Smart contract language(s) supportedNot applicable
Transaction privacyYes
Transaction visibilityPrivate transactions between participants are hidden from all other participants. This is achieved using streams.
Transaction orderingAvailable with the use of a time series database which focuses on the ordering of entries.
ExplorerChainstack Explorer

Fault tolerance

With diversity set to 0, any block-adder can add a block. This is very tolerant but also increases the risk that a single or small group of block-adders can compromise the system. With the diversity setting of 1, once a block is added, every other block-adder needs to add a block before you can add again. This stops single or groups of block-adders from creating forks, but if a node goes offline then at some point no further blocks will be able to be added while the network waits for that node to add the next block. The diversity setting scale lets you choose the balance between security and technical malfunction risk.


The supported rate of transactions per second is barely affected by the number of nodes since each node independently processes all transactions. You will see more latency as transactions and blocks have to make more hops to propagate to the entire network.

Suggestions for use with consortia

Choose when granular permissioning is necessary and smart contracts are not required. Use streams with smart filters for high volume of categorized transactions or assets for fungible/non-fungible token creation.

Recommended in scenarios such as supply chain with IoT tracking, document notarization, and storing complex JSON objects which can then be queried.

Industry use case

Medical records, collateralizing, KYC, traceability, P2P asset transfer.

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