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How Curra revolutionizes crypto infrastructure for enterprises with Chainstack

Non-custodial infrastructure to operate with incoming crypto payments.

Switching to Chainstack was a game-changer for us. Their 99.9% uptime means we can focus on innovating, not troubleshooting.

The Curra Team

Entering the world of cryptocurrency is like riding the wildest roller coaster in the world. It’s filled with highs and lows, sharp turns, and breathtaking vistas. This dynamic arena is being transformed daily with technologies breaking boundaries and revolutionizing payment norms.

One such force of innovation is Curra, a non-custodial infrastructure created for centralized crypto exchanges, crypto processing services, payment service providers, infrastructure providers, P2P services, iGaming operators, and eSports platforms. With a mission to take crypto to the next billion users, Curra merges cost-effectiveness, top-tier security, and a host of tailor-made features to streamline crypto payments for businesses by providing a whole new infrastructure approach.

Packed with an array of powerful features, Curra aims to optimize how centralized crypto services create proxy (aka. deposit) wallets for their users and save up to 84% on Gas for businesses, savings can reach $63,300 in equivalent of ETH for each 10,000 incoming payments. Whether it’s the industry-leading security, cost-efficient payment infrastructure service or comprehensive customization options, Curra embodies the shift towards a decentralized financial future.

Join us as we unravel the journey of Curra and the transformative impact of our partnership has had on their service delivery and efficiencies within the rapidly evolving crypto payments sector.

What is Curra?

To accept crypto payments, crypto exchanges and other crypto-friendly services usually allocate a unique proxy wallet (aka deposit address) for each end-user. Due to the architecture of EVM blockchains, all assets deposited by end-users into proxy wallets must be forwarded to the Omnibus wallet for further management. Although exchanges do not charge end-users any fees for incoming payments, exchanges and any other custodial service incur a base cost to transfer assets to the Omnibus (Hot Wallet), accepting crypto payments.

The well-established implementations of crypto processing typically cost between 63,000 to 120,000 Gas for each incoming token payment. Gas usage is just one of the issues with this commonly used approach.

Curra offers non-custodial toolset for high-volume crypto businesses to reduce processing costs and delegate infrastructure maintenance, working with crypto payments, they pioneered new architecture to operate with incoming crypto payments for enterprises, so they can save up to 84% on Gas across EVM-compatible blockchains. 

Figure 1: Curra gas usage comparison; Source: Curra

Non-custodial nature of crypto

Curra’s vision is to mainstream adoption of crypto payments for businesses. To achieve this, Curra offers an infrastructure-based pricing model, without any volume-based fees. We believe that blockchain is a technology that businesses should interact without intermediaries.

Enjoying exceptional reliability with Chainstack

Navigating through the intricacies of the crypto payments sector, Curra experienced turbulence with node reliability and rate limits. Despite exploring various service providers, and even trying with their own on-premise nodes, their team often faced subpar performance.

These mishaps demanded constant restarting and re-indexing of missed blocks, a process exerting heavy network loads, leading to technical hiccups. In addition, they were often met with rate limits while trying to re-index the blocks, further complicating operations.

This is where Chainstack made a world of difference for Curra. We stood out with our superior reliability, boasting an impressive 99.9% uptime. Programmed rate limits, which were a constant bother with other services, were a non-issue with us, making Curra’s re-indexing tasks indomitably smoother.

Furthermore, we’ve specifically designed our API to cater to high-audit applications. This reduces the need for additional logic layers, simplifying complex procedures, and enhancing operational flow.

Even the most stable software at times requires updates or misses blocks, but our team ensured these concerns were effectively addressed. Curra noted a significant dropdown in such issues when compared to other node providers or self-hosted on-premise nodes.

And last but certainly not least, we strive for maximum cost-effectiveness in our services, which is why the Curra team found our pricing structure especially reasonable, adding another positive aspect to their experience with us.

In conclusion, we offered Curra a service that was significantly more stable, reliable, and cost-effective than other players in the industry. This effective solution led to reduced complexities and proved to be a valuable asset for Curra in its quest to transform the crypto payments sector.

Resolution summary

  • Curra experienced several infrastructure challenges, particularly with node reliability and rate limits.
  • Their team explored various providers and even deployed their own on-premise nodes with little positive impact.
  • Chainstack emerged as a viable solution, boasting a 99.9% uptime that could provide Curra with the stability their team needed.
  • Our robust infrastructure made re-indexing tasks much simpler with the absence of programmed rate limits, a feature that caused operational complexity with other services.
  • Chainstack’s API, specifically designed for high-audit applications, significantly reduced the need for additional logic layers.
  • Curra found fewer problems related to updates and missing blocks in comparison to their experience with other node providers and self-hosted nodes.
  • We offered competitive and affordable pricing for our services, adding to the long list of benefits for Curra.
  • Ultimately, Chainstack provided a reliable and efficient solution that surpassed the other competitors, meeting Curra’s specific use case needs.
  • Partnering with Chainstack enabled Curra to refocus on what they do best—creating exceptional crypto payment experiences for their clients, and they in turn, for their users.

Bringing it all together

In the tumultuous ocean of cryptocurrency, Curra offers non-custodial solution for CEXs, PSPs and other high-volume crypto services to save up to 84% on Gas, working with incoming crypto payment.

Drawing from its Chainstack integration, Curra rose to the challenges they faced head-on, armed with newfound reliability, no rate limits, and a user-friendly API for high-audit applications.

With our support, Curra went from dealing with frequent service interruptions and complex operational tasks to enjoying an almost always-on uptime. They found a solution that was not only significantly more stable and reliable than the rest but also cost-effective.

Thus, Curra continues its journey, tapping into a new level of efficiency and stability with a significantly improved infrastructure stack from Chainstack. By overcoming its past challenges and by leveraging a powerful Chainstack integration, Curra is now closer than ever to its goal of empowering the next billion crypto users.

And as the crypto world continues to evolve, we look forward to witnessing Curra playing its part in shaping the future, making cryptocurrency easier, safer, and more accessible.

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