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Chainstack introduces Forta support

Chainstack continues to break new ground, as the Forta protocol becomes available within the list of supported networks on the platform. With this new addition to the Marketplace, you will soon be able to launch a Forta scan node with Chainstack infrastructure under all subscription plans.

This makes deploying a Forta scan node to enhance security and threat detection to build and scale decentralized applications that much more accessible. So, forget about all the woes that come with managing nodes yourself and start putting more time towards generating value with your project.

What is Forta?

Launched in late 2021, Forta is a real-time detection network whose purpose is to enhance security and operational monitoring of blockchain activity. In its goal to offer decentralized monitoring as a network, Forta serves to identify threats and anomalies in DeFi, NFT, governance, bridges, and other Web3 applications as they happen live.

Forta network real-time detection bot

Under the hood of Forta, lies a decentralized network of independent node operators that perform scans on all transactions, as well as state changes in each block for anomalous transactions and threats. Once an anomaly is detected, node operators parse alerts to relevant subscribers about the potential risks, in turn allowing them to take appropriate action.

At present, Forta supports a wide range of networks, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, Fantom, and Arbitrum, among those also available on the Chainstack platform. This extensive interoperability allows Web3 developers to take advantage of its vast security and monitoring capabilities, regardless of the protocol in question.

Building on Forta

To start using Forta, you first need to subscribe to its data feeds, which can be accomplished via the Forta App, OpenZeppelin Defender, or via the public Forta API directly. When it comes to running your own detection bots atop the Forta network, you can do so via the SDK, which also offers various templates and examples, so, you don’t have to start from scratch. You can also hire a development team to create a bot for your project via the Bot Development Marketplace.

Forta network bot wizard

The bots themselves are composed of a set of code scripts stored in a Docker container and serve the purpose of processing blockchain data to identify anomalies from preset conditions. These can be, for example, flash loan attacks, or an account balance falling below a particular threshold. Once a bot detects an anomaly, it sends out alerts to the users subscribed to it. The execution of each bot’s code is performed by scan nodes.

Scan nodes are something that is inherent to the Forta network. As mentioned previously, they execute the code of detection bots for each new transaction and block that is committed on a particular chain. The goal of a scan node is to manage the bots’ activities like in the case of instantiating, running, and restarting them, should they stop responding. Additionally, it serves as a parser of blockchain data to the bots running on top of it.

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How to use Forta on Chainstack

Getting started with Forta on Chainstack is as straightforward as counting 1-2-3:

  1. Log into the Chainstack console
  2. Select a preferred cloud provider
  3. Pick a node location with low latency

Too good to be true? Just let this video do the talking:

Deploying a Polygon node with the Chainstack console

And now that you know just how easy it is to get the ball rolling, you will be even more pleasantly surprised to hear that all details and operations are available within a single seamless Chainstack dashboard. Deploying a Forta scan node is truly a walk in the park with the Chainstack platform and something you are sure to enjoy as a Web3 developer.

So, take point! Reserve your spot among the early adopters of the Forta network and start leveraging the priceless security and threat detection features it brings to the table. There is so much you can do with Forta once you have a reliable Web3 infrastructure partner to support you every step of the way.


Chainstack’s exceptional engineering and sturdy infrastructure now make lower overhead costs and optimal efficiency when running Forta scan nodes a reality for all. Reap the benefits of flexible affordable commitments that are a perfect fit for your budget, use case, and the needs of your project.

Give it a shot and take advantage of the critical security and threat detection features the Forta network offers with a commitment-free introduction rate for full elastic nodes via the Developer plan. And while you’re at it, make use of up to 3M requests that come with the subscription.

Want to get more bang for your buck? Chainstack’s pricing tiers are designed with maximum efficiency in mind, so you can get everything you need at a predictable rate that fits your budget. This adaptable and price-competitive structure makes Forta scan node deployment with Chainstack a perfect opportunity for a project of any size, or stage.

Chainstack pricing plans

Even with the most affordable subscription plan – Growth, you get to enjoy a whopping four times as many requests (8M). And should you prefer to up the ante, you will discover 20M or 10x more requests available with the added bonus of having no restrictions for dedicated nodes with the Business plan and above.

Reached your limit? Worry not, for you can always snatch some more at the affordable rate of $0.1 per 10K for the first 20M extra requests you claim. And should you want some more, you get to reap a 50% discount or $0.05 per 10K for every request above the first 20M. Too much math? Just let our handy pricing calculator do the talking.

Get a custom power-user quote

Let’s face it – as a high-roller or a large enterprise, it is often the case that the preset mold just doesn’t quite fit your needs and setup. Instead, it just leaves you craving for that much more… And that’s okay!

At Chainstack, we understand your drive to break new ground with every step you take, which is why we have a dedicated team of Web3 pros standing at the ready for your case. Come talk to us about your use case and share more about your woes, so we can help you move closer to your goals.

Get a priceless consultation that will point you in the right direction and start from pole-position with a custom-tailored quote that is sure to offer you the best we have in stock. Gain access to robust enterprise-grade infrastructure and dedicated nodes with unlimited requests for your demanding use case. And while you’re at it, take a moment to enjoy absolute freedom in selecting the cloud provider that will suit you best.

Snatch your golden ticket with a custom quote that will take you to the forefront. Make the most out of every resource that we have at our disposal, just so you can squeeze the absolute max of every node you have deployed on Chainstack.

Embrace the power of hybrid hosting

Ever wanted to have your very own data center to house your entire blockchain operation? Well… now you can! But that’s not even half the story – you will get to have your cake and eat, as an expert team of Chainstack engineers will be there to lift the burden of managing it all yourself.

Chainstack cloud hosting options

So, grab a cold drink and kick your feet up on the table, as you witness the problem taking care of itself right before your very eyes. With Chainstack’s hybrid hosting, this will no longer be a distant dream for you but a welcome sense of reality knocking on your door to get things started.

Don’t believe us? Start a convo here and we will gladly show you just how deep the Chainstack rabbit hole goes…

Detecting on-chain anomalies in real-time

It is our mission at Chainstack to provide maximal value for Web3 builders across the world with every new protocol available on the platform. Considering just how rampant blockchain exploits, hacks, and anomalous activity can be, especially as of late, we saw Forta as a perfect fit for the needs of our customers. And by adding it as a possible option for you to take advantage of, we are thrilled to offer you, as a Web3 BUIDLer another priceless tool that will help your project, security-wise.

Forta network 12 000 nodes milestone

With exploits, hacks, and other malicious activity plaguing protocols or DApps from day one, having access to a set of security and detection tools is becoming ever more critical to a Web3 developer. This makes Forta a critical contributor to the healthy functioning of any project and a welcome addition to Chainstack’s list of supported protocols.

Eugene Aseev, Founder and CTO of Chainstack

With Chainstack’s robust infrastructure reinforcing the efforts of Web3 developers using Forta, taking advantage of its powerful security and detection features is now more accessible than ever. And with the protocol’s priceless toolset in your pocket, you can now rest easy and enjoy your journey as a BUIDLer that much more, knowing that on-chain anomalies will steadily become a thing of the past.

Power-boost your project on Chainstack

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