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Build DeFi apps with no rate limits

Chainstack unleashes the potential of Ethereum with lightning fast and highly available nodes free from rate limits and throttling.

Everything you need to build in DeFi

Chainstack provides all the tools and features to scale workload, increase performance and reduce latency in DeFi under a single unified platform.

No rate limits

Stay ahead of competition without any rate-limits or throttling on all requests.

Warp transactions

Gain an unfair advantage by propagating transactions to the blockchain even faster.

Dedicated nodes

Build with dedicated resources for an even faster experience.

Dedicated Subgraphs

Query custom data on the blockchain with blazing- fast speeds


Propagate transactions to the blockchain 2.5x faster

Chainstack Warp transactions are channeled through the bloXroute BDN integration making it instantly available for validators to include in the next block.

Elastic Ethereum nodes

  • Up to 2.5x faster propagation via BDN
  • No rate limiting or throttling
  • Near instant deployment
  • Secure HTTP and WebSocket APIs

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Accelerate performance even more with dedicated nodes

Use a dedicated node without sharing resources. Deploy in any locations or choose the closest location for the lowest latency. Best of all, you only pay for what you use.

Chainstack dedicated nodes

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Dedicated Subgraphs

Host private subgraphs to query real-time data on the blockchain or index smart contract data from popular DEXs like Uniswap and Sushiswap or lending protocols like Aave and Compound.

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How Chainstack stacks up

Chainstack is the one-stop-shop for everything DeFi so all development can be completed in a single environment with the best in-class support and infrastructure.


Other cloud providers


Rate limit and throttling

No rate-limits or throttling.

Has rate-limits and throttle.

Depends on hardware.

Warp transactions

Dedicated nodes

Data indexing

Customer support


We accept payments in cryptocurrencies for Ethereum RPC nodes. Learn more

Chainstack Marketplace

Chainstack is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Ethereum ecosystem: tools, apps and services that you use every day to build your applications or amplify returns.

We work closely with developers and the Ethereum community to ensure seamless integration for our end users.

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Build DeFi apps on Ethereum with us

Discover a wealth of information on how to deploy blockchain infrastructure and build amazing applications using Ethereum RPCs and APIs with Chainstack's nodes.

Notes for Ethereum API

  1. When communicating with a Ethereum RPC node, the Ethereum client implements a JSON-RPC specification, a communication protocol allowing one to make remote calls and execute them as if they were made locally.
  2. The Ethereum API allows developers to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain to build applications. The best way to use the Ethereum API is to use a Web3 library such as web3.js if using JavaScript or web3.py using Python.