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bloXroute Gateway

Developer    bloXroute
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bloXroute Gateway provides scalability to Chainstack public protocols through a relay network called Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN).

The Gateway is open-source software that acts as any other network peer. It relays data to bloXroute’s BDN, passing transactions and blocks between the blockchain client and the rest of the BDN.

Benefits for traders, DApp builders, and Ethereum data analysts

  • Be more likely to win “race scenarios” like liquidating CDPs.
  • Be among the first to spot rising fee congestion.
  • Be able to capture liquidation or arbitrage opportunities.
  • Increase chances of being mined in the next block.
  • Glean trading signals from pending transactions.
  • Manage the market making risks more efficiently.

bloXroute transaction relay

Chainstack users—through the installed Gateways—may send transactions to the BDN for quick (and cheaper) propagation on Ethereum or other public protocols.

bloXroute transaction streaming

bloXroute offers traders transaction streaming, which can help discover new transactions faster. Subscribe to the transaction streaming via the bloXroute Gateway.

Installation guide

  1. Make sure you’re on the Chainstack Enterprise plan.
  2. Deploy a dedicated node to Ethereum mainnet, Polygon PoS mainnet, or Binance Smart Chain mainnet on Chainstack.
  3. Register an account on the bloXroute portal and select a plan that meets your transaction volume requirements.
  4. Navigate to the Account page and save connection artifacts.
  5. Send the bx_artifacts.zip archive to Chainstack Support for the bloXroute Gateway to be configured.

Get started with bloXroute Gateway

Get in touch to start using bloXroute Gateway on Chainstack.