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Myria on Chainstack: Redefining the GameFi landscape with StarkEx

Promoting confidence in high-speed, cross-chain gaming experiences with StarkEx

Working with Chainstack has reinforced our commitment to user security. Their role in our DAC helps us ensure transactional transparency and reliability, a crucial aspect of our user experience.

The Myria Team

In an era defined by the convergence of digital advancements and creativity, blockchain technology has emerged as a pioneering force transforming numerous industries. Gaming, a sector known for its dynamic engagement and passion, has not been immune to these transformative forces. With Web3 paradigms and blockchain tech taking center stage, the gaming landscape is undergoing significant changes, heralding the way for innovative industry takes like the ‘play-and-earn’ model.

One of the transformative players at the forefront of driving such radical shifts is Myria, setting a prominent example of what can be achieved when gaming meets blockchain. Leveraging an avant-garde gaming ecosystem, paired with a cutting-edge Layer 2 chain, they’ve managed to craft inventive and engaging gaming experiences, sending ripples across the entire landscape.

At Chainstack, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with Myria on their pioneering journey toward radical GameFi transformation, underpinning a multitude of initiatives they’ve set out to pursue. So, let us dive deeper into our holistic collaboration and explore just how impactful Myria’s story really is as it unfolds.

What is Myria?

As a firm example of a groundbreaking Web3 gaming ecosystem, Myria stands tall in our fast-paced world where technology and gaming increasingly intersect. Fusing a Layer 2 blockchain together with a AAA game dev studio puts Myria in a unique position to bridge the gap between gaming and decentralized technology.

Going beyond just fun and entertainment into a space, where players are rewarded for their participation, Myria excels with scalability and zero-fee transactions. These priceless advantages, together with instant on-chain interactions and commitment-free minting form the pillars that support its rise to the top in a market, where lag and high costs could prove a deterrent for many.

This competitive edge sets Myria well above the rest, opening avenues for expansive growth into GameFi. And the power vacuum, left by previously unsuccessful players, plagued by network clogs and exorbitant participation prices proves to be the perfect place for it.

The Myria ecosystem

Bringing the best of both decentralized technology and its team’s passion for gaming, Myria offers a unique Layer 2 wallet and NFT marketplace, designed with gamers in mind. The Myria Wallet provides secure, and convenient digital asset storage but goes beyond being just a tool for holding tokens, integrating core functionalities that address the needs of every player. From access to the Marketplace and games like Moonville Farms to Node License purchases—the Wallet sits at the core of the Myria ecosystem.

Figure 1: Myria Warrior Viking NFTs; Source: Myria docs

In turn, the MYRIA Token, the native currency powering the full breadth of the ecosystem, serves as the primary instrument to engage in staking, governed voting, licensing, and exchange. With such broad utility already, MYRIA plays a crucial role in ensuring the security, decentralization, and overall functionality of the network. And as Myria continues with its rapid growth, further adding to its current 250+ project and 500K+ user tally, its importance is only set to rise with it.

Since its inception, Myria has made significant strides in establishing its ecosystem and expanding its reach within the gaming community. The past year has marked several major milestones, including the release of the Myria blockchain, registering over a million users, the successful airdrop of over 900,000 Sigil NFTs, and the launch of the Myria Core SDK. The continual improvement of the Myria SDK and the release of the Myria Developer Portal highlight the platform’s commitment to empowering developers and building valuable, immersive gaming experiences.

The Myria Studios vision

Myria’s growth is not just about numbers, but also stories and narratives. The Myriaverse, Myria’s in-house lore, frames an evolving narrative for players to engage with. The Myriaverse, threatened by a mysterious space anomaly known as The Rift, forms the backdrop of the lore tied to Myria’s oncoming gaming titles. This mix of gaming and storytelling makes for an immersive player experience and binds the community together with a uniquely captivating narrative.

It is exactly this fascinating piece of narrative that was forged by Myria Studios, a visionary game development studio that uniquely adopts the “play-and-earn” model. With this model, Myria Studios embarks on an ambitious journey to redefine how users interact with games.

Figure 2: A selection of games on Myria; Source: Myria

Their portfolio includes exciting projects like Metarush and 360 Cricket, targeting a diverse set of players and bolstering the studio’s reputation as a creative powerhouse. In essence, Myria Studios seeks to transform the gaming landscape and pioneer a new wave of gaming culture.

The Myria Developer Portal and SDK

Nurturing a community of developers is integral to the growth and success of any blockchain platform. Myria understands this implicitly, evidenced by their robust developer support in the form of the Myria Developer Portal and Myria SDK.

The portal serves as a comprehensive resource center, offering guides, documentation, and essential tools to simplify the development process on the Myria Layer 2 blockchain. The Myria SDK, a dynamic set of development tools, enables developers to seamlessly port their Web3 projects into the ecosystem, fostering innovation and growth on the platform.

Figure 3: The Myria ecosystem workflow; Source: Myria docs

The community participation bounty

Myria democratizes its support network for its Layer 2 platform by providing community members with the opportunity to purchase Myria Node Licenses and operate a Myria Node. These Node operators, in turn, become crucial players in the network’s security and decentralization initiatives, thus strengthening the integrity of the underlying chain.

A rewards system further cements this community involvement in network security. Node operators are compensated with MYRIA tokens for their services, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement for both operators and the Myria ecosystem. This approach preserves the robustness and integrity of the platform while promoting accessibility and participation.

The engine that drives Myria forward

Myria has masterfully merged cutting-edge decentralized technology with high-quality AAA game development while incorporating StarkEx—an L2 scalability engine known for its efficiency. It is exactly this that allows Myria to handle up to 1K Mint, Settlement, and Transfer TPS and 200 MintRequest TPS in real-time, all while offering zero-fee transactions.

The quick and reliable StarkEx validation process allows Myria to offer a unique experience to its users, reflecting transactions as complete on the application’s front end without waiting for on-chain finalization, even for complex transactions. This speed and efficiency are key in a market where lag and high costs could be deterrents for many users.

To fully harness the advantages of integrating with StarkEx, Myria needed to implement a Data Availability Committee too, however. And this is where we chimed in! Our partnership with Myria was centered exactly on resolving this critical need.

Protecting transparency with the Myria DAC

The creation of the DAC provides assurance to users – a reliable mechanism to service withdrawal requests during emergencies, thus diminishing the overall reliance on StarkEx Operators. In these emergency situations, the Application Smart Contract (ASC) steps in, pausing new state updates and authorizing only direct user withdrawals. These withdrawals are secured by a valid Merkle proof, aligned with the most recent state, ensuring the highest level of integrity even in challenging times.

As an active participant in the Myria DAC, Chainstack ensures the platform’s transparency, security, and reliability. We accept all state transitions, compute the subsequent state, sign the new state commitment, maintain a private and secure copy of the off-chain data, and check the receipt of a STARK proof aligned with a corresponding state commitment.

Should Myria face difficulties fulfilling withdrawal requests, we step in to assist users in recovering their funds. We make our secure copy of the off-chain data publicly accessible and assist users in reclaiming their funds directly from the ASC using the revealed Merkle path. In doing so, we at Chainstack offer a safety net for Myria users, providing a recovery route for their funds even in the event of platform failure or an inability to service withdrawal requests.

Resolution summary

  • Putting Myria into overdrive: StarkEx powers Myria to handle up to 1K standard TPS and 200 MintRequest TPS in real time, all free of transaction fees.
  • Lightning-fast validation: Leveraging StarkEx, Myria offers swift and reliable transaction validation for an enhanced user experience.
  • Unlocking StarkEx’s full potential: Our collaboration with Myria centered around a crucial Data Availability Committee that optimizes the benefits of its StarkEx integration.
  • Securing transparency: As a DAC member, Chainstack plays the role of a guardian, ensuring utmost transparency, security, and reliability, while verifying state transitions and STARK proofs.
  • Dependable crises lifeline: Chainstack stands ready to assist Myria users in regaining access to their funds during emergencies, serving as a reliable safety net.

Bringing it all together

As we look back on our fruitful collaboration with Myria, it’s evident that the unique fusion of gaming and blockchain is not merely a passing trend but a revolutionary shift that’s redefining industries. The era of GameFi, powered by entities like Myria, is only just beginning, and the success of our collaboration is a testament to this future.

Myria’s avant-garde approach, enabled by StarkEx’s L2 capabilities, and fortified by our partnership in creating a robust Data Availability Committee, showcases the true potential of what can be achieved when gaming meets blockchain. As it stands, Myria continues to redefine the boundaries of the gaming industry, creating immersive experiences for players, while staying true to its core principles of fairness, decentralization, and user empowerment.

At Chainstack, we are incredibly proud of our role in this transformative journey. Our contributions have helped fortify the platform’s security, transparency, and reliability, even in emergency situations. As an active member of the DAC, we continue to remain committed to supporting Myria’s user base and sustaining the platform’s robustness.

The future holds much promise, with our continued partnership set to unlock new possibilities, and further drive Myria’s growth in the GameFi space. As we move forward, we are excited about the boundless potential that the Myria ecosystem presents and look forward to being part of this pioneering shift toward a new era of blockchain-based gaming.

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