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Holesky Faucet – Claim Free Holesky ETH

Holesky ETH faucet banner

Introducing the Holesky ETH Testnet Faucet: Your Gateway to Testnet ETH.

In the world of Web3 development, you will always need testnet tokens. Whether you’re experimenting with smart contracts, building decentralized applications, or refining your blockchain solutions, access to testnet tokens is necessary. We understand the challenges and frustrations that developers face when building DApps. That’s why we created the Holesky ETH Testnet Faucet, designed with Web3 developers like you in mind.

How to use the Holesky faucet

Once you’re registered ↗ and have an API key ↗ set up on the Chainstack platform, you can get up to 0.5 Holesky ETH every 24 hours. This ETH can be used to send transactions on the Holesky testnet, deploy your smart contracts, and test their different functions before pushing them to mainnet, which involves real funds.

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to request ETH from our Holesky faucet, watch the video demo below:

Why do I need Mainnet ETH in order to request funds from the faucet?

Our faucet requires you to hold 0.002 ETH in your wallet on the Ethereum Mainnet, in order to use it. This measure helps ensure a fair usage and prevents exploitation of the faucet.

Why does it take so much time for my tokens to arrive?

Usually, the process of receiving your tokens should be fast, but sometimes the network may be congested and you might need to wait a little while. If you do not get your tokens within 15 minutes, please contact us on Telegram or Discord.

I get an error saying “The user can only receive funds every 24 hours.”

In order to ensure an even distribution across the Ethereum developer community, we have capped the maximum amount of Holesky ETH that you can request to a maximum of 0.5 per day.

I get an error saying “Something went wrong. Check credentials and try again.”

You might’ve entered an incorrect API key or wallet address. Please check them again, refresh the page, and try one more time.

In order to generate your API key, you will need to sign-up via the Chainstack console first. Check out the video above to see how to generate your own API key and request Holesky ETH from the faucet.

If you are sure that the API key is valid, your wallet address is correct, and you still can not claim tokens, you can contact us on Telegram or Discord so we can assist you.

Do you need help when using the faucet?

You can contact us via Telegram or Discord and one of our team members will help you to get testnet tokens.

Now that I have my funds, what shall I do next?

Tell us about the DApp that you are building and tag our @ChainstackHQ X (Twitter) account in your post. We would like to learn more about your DApp.

I want the best Ethereum nodes

If you are looking for fast and reliable Ethereum nodes, you can sign-up on Chainstack and deploy one for free. We support over 20 different blockchains, and we also provide additional developer tooling.

What is Chainstack?

Chainstack is the limitless Web3 development stack for blockchain developers. Every protocol, every API, every tool that you’ll ever need to build any DApp at scale.

Holesky ETH faucet banner

Where can I learn to build DApps?

Our Web3 documentation is the perfect place to get you started. You will find everything you need in there from smart contract tutorials to APIs, and recipes. Let’s get you started with this quick glossary:

What is a faucet?

A faucet is a developer tool that gives you testnet tokens to use when testing your smart contracts or interacting with DApps on test networks. The Chainstack faucet gives you Holesky testnet ETH to test your smart contracts before pushing them to production.

What is the Holesky testnet?

Holesky is one of the three public Ethereum testnets, the other ones being Sepolia and Goerli. According to Ethereum Foundation “Holesky is the first long-standing, merged-from-genesis, public Ethereum testnet. Holesky will replace Goerli as a staking, infrastructure and protocol-developer testnet in 2023”.

If you want to test decentralized applications, smart contracts, and other EVM functionalities, using Sepolia is recommended.

What is the meaning of drip?

When it comes to Web3 faucets, the drip refers to the amount of testnet tokens that you can get from a faucet each day. In our case, this would be 0.5 Holesky Testnet ETH daily.

What are Holesky testnet Ethereum tokens?

A Holesky testnet Ethereum token is the gas fee token for the Holesky testnet. Testnet tokens do not have real monetary value (these tokens are not like the “real” Ethereum), but they play an important role in covering gas costs. You will need them in order to deploy your smart contracts on the Holesky testnet, and interact with those contracts through transactions.

Do you want to ask us something else?

Join our Telegram or Discord communities, so you can talk directly to our team members there.

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Sepolia ETH faucet banner

Sepolia Faucet – Claim Free Sepolia ETH

If you are in need of Sepolia ETH, here is a brief tutorial on how to use the Chainstack faucet in order to get up to 0.5 Sepolia ETH every day.

Andrei Popa
Oct 13