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Introducing Chainstack’s Account Abstraction API Solution

Account Abstraction provides a streamlined approach. By decoupling the intricacies of blockchain transactions, Account Abstraction empowers builders with flexibility, fostering a new wave of sophisticated blockchain applications. Whether you’re a developer, founder, or tech enthusiast, Chainstack’s Account Abstraction API is here to guide you towards a more accessible Web3.

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ERC-4337 Endpoint Integration

Chainstack equips developers with an ERC-4337 endpoint. Seamlessly send UserOps – the special user operation transactions – directly to the Account Abstraction mempool.

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Customizable Paymaster Deployment

Elevate your dApp functionality. Chainstack deploys a dedicated Paymaster for our clientele, enabling them to shoulder end-user transaction fees effortlessly.

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Core Features of Chainstack’s Account Abstraction API

Programmable Transaction Validity

Customize transactions beyond the traditional parameters, thanks to the flexibility of account abstraction.

Smart Contract Wallets

Break away from fixed behaviors. Our smart contract wallets allow for bespoke logic and interactions, making assets management smarter.


The next evolution in transaction management. UserOps simplifies and streamlines transaction execution on the EVM, all while incorporating innovative validation logic.

Benefits of Using Chainstack’s Account Abstraction API

Gas Fee Sponsoring

Reduce barriers for new users. With Chainstack’s Account Abstraction API, dApps and smart contracts can shoulder the gas fees, offering a seamless onboarding experience.

Transact with ERC20 Tokens

Extend your dApp’s utility by allowing users to cover gas fees using ERC20 tokens.

Batch Transactions

Efficiency is key. Chainstack’s Account Abstraction API lets you bundle multiple transactions, ideal for decentralized exchanges or batch payments.

Experience Walletless Web3 Logins

Move beyond traditional crypto wallets. Chainstack’s Account Abstraction API enables users to engage with dApps using familiar authentication methods.

Multi-chain by design

Chainstack is a single point of access for all your blockchain projects across any protocol. Deploy a node to a public network or create a consortium network in just a few clicks.

Why choose Chainstack?

Peace of mind
  • Robust and reliable infrastructure with >99.99% uptime
  • Premium-level support with 24/7 chat with the support and R&D teams
  • Index Web3 data, get nodes and storage with the same provider
  • Crypto payments on all plans
  • No rate limits or throttling
  • No higher fee for heavy API calls

How Account Abstraction API works?



Leverage Chainstack’s global and scalable Account Abstraction infrastructure of the bundlers to access ERC-4337 Alt Mempool in pay-as-you-go manner.


Send your UserOps transactions

Send your UserOps transactions to the bundler to batch them or provide better user experience for your users



Customize PayMaster’s bank to pay transaction fees on behalf of your users

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