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Cordaptor, an embeddable REST API tool for CorDapps, is now on Chainstack

We are partnering with B180.tech, a wholly-owned business of Bond180 Limited, to add Cordaptor to our Marketplace. Cordaptor is an open-source tool that out-of-the-box generates REST APIs for your CorDapps which makes it easy to integrate Corda into other applications and systems.

What is Cordaptor?

Cordaptor is a way to instantly add Corda to any application stack that helps to improve the availability, reliability, and flexibility of the overall system architecture. Cordaptor automatically creates fully featured REST APIs for any CorDapp running on a Corda node, complete with OpenAPI 3 JSON specification and Swagger UI.

Chainstack prides itself on being able to offer the most accessible and scalable platform to enable teams to deploy, manage, and scale blockchain nodes, networks, and applications. The platform allows users to save tens of thousands of dollars per year on average spent on setting up, securing, and maintaining their own infrastructure that is required to operate distributed ledger nodes across protocols. We believe product teams should concentrate on bringing value to end-users through innovation, and not on infrastructure operations, and the platform team is constantly looking out for ways to streamline the development experience.

Therefore, we were very excited to learn about Cordaptor, a new open-source initiative by B180.tech. Cordaptor is an open gateway for Corda, simplifying client application integrations and accelerating Corda adoption through creating open APIs for any Corda application (or CorDapp). It provides out of the box the capabilities that are beneficial in any Corda application architecture, freeing up valuable engineering time to focus on product features.

Cordaptor scans a Corda node for installed CorDapps and automatically generates REST API for all available functions. It also creates OpenAPI JSON specification, which is widely supported by integration tools across many technology stacks, so that integrations can be created with very little effort.

Bond180 has recently launched its technology business B180.tech to deliver best-in-class technology solutions designed to increase the adoption of nascent technology and to accelerate network creation. We are delighted to partner with Chainstack who mirrors our aspirations, and alongside Chainstack we look forward to supporting innovation-focused businesses to succeed with their applications without the worry of infrastructure development. Bond180 is focused on further developing its technology community through B180.tech as we aim to make data sharing easier in financial services through technology.

Phil Holbrook, CEO of Bond180 Limited

We are delighted to announce a partnership with B180.tech, that will make Cordaptor available on the Chainstack cloud platform through the marketplace. We hope to be able to offer it on our hybrid and self-hosted platforms in due course as well. Development teams utilizing Corda can use our rich set of self-servicing tools to provision fully managed Cordaptor gateway for their Corda nodes, and accelerate Corda adoption.

B180.tech will join our partners panel as a technology and professional services provider able to offer such services as developing and supporting Corda solutions, developing bespoke integrations for distributed Corda applications for consortia members, and advising on technology strategy and enterprise architecture.

We are thrilled about the partnership and the fact that Cordaptor is now listed on our Marketplace. Both our solutions are enterprise-grade, blockchain-agnostic and share the same objective of making developers’ life easier. We are a developer-first platform, and we will keep adding new applications, services and developer tools to continuously improve the experience of innovating using Chainstack.

Eugene Aseev, Co-Founder and CTO of Chainstack

Get started with Cordaptor on Chainstack

Go to the Chainstack’s plug and play Marketplace to access Cordaptor that will help you to build and grow your CorDapps.

Highlight features

  • Zero-configuration deployment option as an embedded CorDapp bundle great for development and integration testing.
  • Docker-friendly standalone deployment option configurable via environment variables and compatible with Kubernetes Secrets management.
  • Comprehensive REST API allowing vault queries and synchronous or asynchronous execution of Corda flows.
  • Flexible API security with PAC4J allowing a variety of authorization models such as API keys, OpenID Connect, SAML 2, or just about anything else, great for integrating managed services like AWS Cognito or Azure AD. Cordaptor also comes with support for SSL out of the box.
  • Extensible architecture allowing bespoke features to be added as simply as dropping a JAR file into a directory.
  • Comprehensive API for node vault queries.
  • Embedded Swagger UI for exploring the API in your browser.

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