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Developer    Bond180
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Codaptor is an open gateway for Corda. It helps to instantly add Corda to any application stack, and accelerates Corda adoption through providing out of the box capabilities required in just about any Corda-based system, so that teams can focus on creating products, not grapple with infrastructure.

Codaptor automatically creates fully-featured REST APIs for CorDapps running on a Corda node, so that the rest of the architecture can be built using familiar technologies. It works out of the box with any CorDapp, even if you do not have the source code, as it relies on Corda itself to discover relevant contract states and flows. Generated API follows best practices for REST API design, including generating fully standard-compliant OpenAPI 3 JSON specification. Codaptor also embeds Swagger UI, which could be used to explore and test generated API via a web browser without writing any code. Thanks to a wide variety of tools supporting REST APIs, integrating Corda with your enterprise IT systems becomes trivial.

Codaptor can also be deployed in standalone mode, connecting to the node via the RPC and providing a level of isolation for API clients. In this case, it acts as a caching load-balancing gateway, which helps to improve the overall resilience of the architecture without any back-end engineering required. This is particularly suited for single-page web applications, which can safely and securely access the functionality of the node.

Use with Chainstack

  1. Deploy a Corda network on Chainstack.
  2. Follow the Codaptor documentation on how to get started.

Get started with Codaptor

Get in touch to start using Codaptor on Chainstack.