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Chainstack and bloXroute come together to make Web 3.0 infrastructure more scalable and accessible

Experience the enhanced speed, and build for the first time on a Web 3.0 without scalability bottlenecks.

We are thrilled to announce that Chainstack will be the very first infrastructure provider to partner with bloXroute, leading Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) that utilizes a global network of servers optimized for network performance. We might have built our technologies separately, but we were made for each other all along.

Paired with Chainstack’s patent-pending Bolt technology enabling fast access to large datasets stored on blockchain nodes, bloXroute Gateways will empower our customers to have access to lightning speed and performance.

Thanks to this partnership, Chainstack and bloXroute customers will have access to the fastest gateway on the market to build, deploy, and access decentralized applications. This is, however, just the first phase of a long-term collaboration as we embark on a journey together with the ambitious goal to solve Web 3.0 accessibility and scalability bottlenecks once and for all.

Eyal Markovich, bloXroute Labs Co-Founder and COO, voiced his excitement for our new partnership: “We’re excited about the opportunity to partner with Chainstack to further develop a robust Web 3.0 infrastructure.

“Chainstack’s focus on simplifying launching and scaling decentralized networks and applications, paired with bloXroute’s focus on simplifying and optimizing blockchain networking and scalability, merge to a common goal: drive blockchain adoption with smarter and faster infrastructure.

“Deploying the BDN on Chainstack’s Ethereum nodes is just the beginning. We’re looking forward to working closely with Chainstack to grow their community through joint marketing programs and developing new offerings on a continuous basis.”

What is bloXroute?

The bloXroute Gateway is open-source software that acts as the entrypoint for blockchain clients such as Geth to bloXroute’s BDN, passing transactions and blocks between the blockchain client and the rest of the BDN. The Gateway talks to the blockchain client using the blockchain client’s native peer-to-peer communication protocol. From the perspective of the blockchain client, a gateway is simply another peer in the network.

To use bloXroute, the Gateway should be installed on a server with low latency to the blockchain client and configured to communicate with it. Chainstack automated this process and made Gateway installation and configuration transparent and seamless for all Ethereum managed service customers.

In Prof. Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, Co-Founder and Chief Architect, own words, “bloXroute’s uniqueness lies in the way it helps propagate information in a blockchain network. Contrary to first-generation relay networks, bloXroute propagates transactions among blockchain nodes. By propagating transactions on behalf of users, bloXroute manages to effectively index these transactions using much shorter IDs. Thus, when blocks are propagated through the network, bloXroute utilizes such IDs, effectively compressing the amount of data that needs to be carried through the network. Additionally, bloXroute optimally streams data through a well-provisioned dedicated network infrastructure and enables the processing of thousands of on-chain transactions per second.”

What does this mean for the Chainstack community?

Starting from the next platform release, the Chainstack community will enjoy complimentary bloXroute Gateway with all our dedicated Ethereum mainnet nodes, accessible via Chainstack Marketplace. This is just the beginning, as we will add more features and capabilities over time.

Initially, bloXroute Gateway will enable faster propagation of transactions and blocks on the Ethereum nodes operated by Chainstack. Moving forward, we’re going to support advanced bloXroute functionality such as transaction streaming and sending transactions to the BDN, which means that Chainstack innovators will be able to hear of transactions and blocks faster, and send transactions faster.

Benefits of bloXroute solution for the customers include but not limited to:

  • Be more likely to win “race scenarios” like liquidating CDPs.
  • Be able to capture arbitrage opportunities.
  • Increase chances of being mined in the next block.
  • Increase chances of beating fee congestion.
  • Always be among the first to know the latest state, thus quickly identify new liquidation or arbitrage opportunities.
  • Glean trading signals from pending transactions.
  • Manage risk market making more efficiently.
  • Be among the first to spot rising fee congestion.

Experience the future of Web 3.0

The partnership with bloXroute, so crucial to scaling Web 3.0, marks a major milestone for us, as the first step towards building an ecosystem of tools and solutions for the entire community of DeInnovators.

Our mission remains to create an ecosystem that empowers collaboration thanks to best-in-class synergetic products and cutting-edge engineering.

The future of an accessible and scalable decentralized infrastructure is here, and by being part of the Chainstack community, you are leading the way.

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