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How Cartesi enhances real-time data querying with Chainstack Subgraphs

Supercharging real-time data querying for robust decentralized applications

The practicality of Decentralized Applications (DApps) in today’s super-connected digital world is undeniable. As such, platforms that provide a conducive environment for the creation and functioning of these DApps are of utmost value. One such platform, rich with innovation and intent on breaking barriers, is Cartesi.

What is Cartesi?

Cartesi is a rapidly evolving platform designed to revolutionize the way decentralized applications, or DApps, are built and function. Its core pursuit is to provide a seamless, powerful, and familiar environment for developers to create scalable, secure, and decentralized applications while overcoming the computational limitations the industry often faces.

At its heart, Cartesi provides application-specific rollups alongside a Linux runtime. This unique approach significantly enhances computational scalability while preserving the fundamental virtues of a decentralized system: security, censorship resistance, and the absence of a controlling entity.

Cartesi’s innovative approach means each DApp gets a dedicated CPU and rollup, preventing competition for processing power that’s often an issue within Ethereum and comparable Layer 2 scaling resolutions.

Under the hood of Cartesi

Cartesi is not merely a platform for creating DApps; it is an innovative solution that enhances the way decentralized applications run, aiming for greater scalability, security, and flexibility. With Cartesi, developers can leverage the familiarity of a Linux runtime ecosystem while typing into the potential of application-specific rollups.

Figure 1: Cartesi DApp architecture; Source: Cartesi

The Cartesi Virtual Machine is one of the innovations making Cartesi a game-changer in the DApp space. Unlike on traditional platforms, developers aren’t confined to the restrictions of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). They have the freedom to run an array of mature operating systems and harness the capabilities of the RISC-V architecture.

When it comes to scalability, Cartesi takes a formidable stand. Cartesi Machines operate off-chain, free from the burdens of blockchain consensus mechanisms. This approach allows them to process data at an exponential pace compared to on-chain smart contracts, setting a new precedent for speed and efficiency in the DApp world.

Another aspect that sets Cartesi apart is its focus on productivity. By employing RISC-V, a wide range of software infrastructure is supported, thereby drastically increasing productivity. Developers can run key parts of their DApp logic inside Cartesi Machines atop the Linux Operating System, leveraging familiar tools and enhancing the process of DApp creation.

Figure 2: Cartesi DApp communication sequence; Source: Cartesi

Furthermore, with Cartesi Rollups and Rolling Cartesi Machines, developers can ensure a well-defined advancement of application state, with the ability to deliver consistent responses regardless of the operator.

The power of Cartesi lies in its potential to break traditional barriers, optimizing the creation and function of DApps and laying foundations for mainstream scalability and developer productivity. Users can look forward to a more vibrant, responsive, and robust DApp ecosystem with Cartesi driving the helm.

Resolving real-time data querying challenges

Fetching smart contract data in real-time represents a central challenge in the DApp space, made even more complex by the computational needs and additional layers characteristic of a platform like Cartesi. Faced with complexities from querying data across multiple rollups and Cartesi Virtual Machines to handling differing characteristics and data formats, the platform needed a solution that could stand up to these demanding tasks while delivering crucial real-time data to DApp users.

In the pursuit of scalable, accurate, and robust data querying, Cartesi made the savvy decision to transition to Chainstack Subgraphs. A move that demonstrated both foresight and commitment to continuous improvement, the result was a notable transformation in its data querying landscape.

With our solution, Cartesi was able to navigate the challenging terrain of transitioning to a robust and versatile data querying solution without compromising its broad network support, complex data from multiple sources, or demanding processing requirements.

Making this leap has delivered numerous benefits to Cartesi: greater support for popular blockchain protocols, simpler and predictable pricing structures, and an invaluable 24/7 support service, among other things. Chainstack’s dedication to maintaining seamless, flowing operations is a testament to its commitment to providing robust, reliable services to its partners like Cartesi.

Thanks to Chainstack, Cartesi can efficiently query real-time data from diverse rollups and Cartesi Virtual Machines. Chainstack’s powerful suite of tools and support enables Cartesi to exceed user expectations on real-time data queries, boosting trust, and ensuring the platform remains a powerful player in the ever-evolving DApp landscape.

By ensuring efficient and comprehensive data access, our solution has empowered Cartesi to provide a more robust and responsive service, contributing to the project’s continued success in the DApp ecosystem. It’s a welcome reminder of how innovative solutions, collaboration, and a commitment to solving tough challenges can drive meaningful progress in the world of decentralized applications.

Resolution summary

  1. Efficiency in querying: By deploying multiple Chainstack Subgraphs, Cartesi was able to efficiently query real-time data across various rollups.
  2. Support for various protocols: The broad protocol support offered by our services allowed Cartesi to collect data from multiple sources effortlessly, thereby expanding its service across these networks.
  3. Latency minimized: At Chainstack we prioritize efficient data querying by reducing latency, ensuring faster response times. It’s particularly crucial in the DApp landscape, where real-time access to accurate data is fundamental.
  4. Customization and support: We offered personalized customizations catering to the specific needs of Cartesi. Coupled with round-the-clock support, our team ensures minimal disruptions to Cartesi’s operations.
  5. Improved data freshness: Access to real-time data contributes significantly to user satisfaction, trust, and informed decision-making. By fulfilling this key function, we play a vital role in Cartesi’s continued success.

In the end, Cartesi excelled in leveraging real-time data from multiple sources and cemented its place as a pioneer in the ever-evolving DApp landscape thanks to Chainstack’s comprehensive and innovative solutions.

Bringing it all together

Cartesi has emerged as a groundbreaking platform in the DApps landscape, offering a unique approach to building and running DApps. By providing application-specific rollups and a Linux runtime, Cartesi has successfully addressed the computational limitations that often hinder the development of DApps. The platform’s innovative features, such as the Cartesi Virtual Machine and off-chain Cartesi Machines, empower developers to create scalable, secure, and flexible DApps with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

The transition to Chainstack Subgraphs has further enhanced Cartesi’s capabilities, enabling efficient real-time data querying across multiple rollups and Cartesi Virtual Machines. This move has not only improved the platform’s support for popular blockchain protocols but also simplified pricing structures and provided invaluable 24/7 support. As a result, Cartesi can now offer a more robust and responsive service, contributing to its continued success in the DApp ecosystem.

Cartesi’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving has positioned it as a pioneer in the DApp space. By breaking traditional barriers and optimizing the creation and function of DApps, Cartesi is laying the foundations for mainstream scalability and developer productivity. Users can look forward to a more vibrant, responsive, and robust DApp ecosystem with Cartesi at the helm.

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