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Chainstack and POKT Network: Unfolding a new chapter in decentralized Web3 infra

In an industrious move significant to the Web3 infrastructure landscape, Chainstack and POKT Network have forged a strategic partnership. Our work together is geared towards accelerating decentralization, delivering top-tier service, and enabling quicker onboarding of chains. Let’s explore the details!

What are POKT Network Gateways?

It’s no doubt an exhilarating time for both Chainstack and POKT Network. POKT Network’s recent announcement of the integration of three new Gateways marks an unprecedented progression in the road to decentralization. Developer DAO, Raid Guild, and we at Chainstack have joined forces with POKT Network, thus expanding the network’s reach from a single Gateway just seven months ago to a total of six.

“Collaborating with Chainstack brings POKT Network’s infrastructure to new audiences, driving growth through underlying infra that is owned and governed by its users but accessed through one of the most professional service providers in Web3. We’re proud to under-dePIN their top tier service and features with the unmatched resilience and scalability of truly decentralized infrastructure.”

The POKT Network Team

Simultaneously, these Gateways are enabling a healthy development of services and features, improving performance and fostering demand through targeted offerings for specific use cases. The newly introduced Gateways are pioneers in a new era, ushering in demand-side decentralization, anticipated as the true business model innovation of DePINs.

As the gatekeeper of the Universal RPC Infra Layer, POKT Network, in collaboration with Chainstack and other Gateway providers, is strategizing to disperse control and empower more entities, thereby encouraging diversity, speed, and competition while preserving quality.

What is the Universal RPC Infra Layer?

The Universal RPC Infra Layer stands as a pillar of resilience and versatility, and acts as the backbone of the innovative Gateway strategy, benefiting from its inherent capabilities of scalability and robustness.

Gateways can tap into this resource-rich layer, which promises 100% uptime, <25ms latency, and easy connectivity to over 60 different chains via 15K+ nodes scattered across 22 countries. This allows startups a chance to bypass the race of infrastructure buildup and instead dedicate their resources to improving upon existing standards, fostering innovation and quality service provision.

Such a layered approach curates more efficient, reliable, and versatile networks, which in turn translates into benefits for end consumers and businesses. As a POKT Network Gateway provider and part of this DePIN Universal RPC Infra Layer, Chainstack is already making its mark by already onboarding:

Demand-side decentralization: DePIN’s business model

Propelling Web3 infrastructure into a new era, our integration with POKT Network presents the novel concept of demand-side decentralization. This shift in focus from supply to demand decentralization is at the core of both Chainstack’s and DePIN’s business models.

DePIN’s strategy revolves around encouraging multiple entities to become access points to the Universal RPC Infra Layer. The intention is to diversify the pool—creating space for more players to build front-end features, engage with clients, and provide customer support. By decentralizing control, we aim to nurture a vibrant ecosystem catering to a variety of customer needs.

Instead of playing a game of catch-up, infrastructure startups can now rely on Chainstack and other DePIN Gateways on POKT Network’s Universal RPC Infra Layer. This liberates resources, allowing companies to introduce and scale innovative solutions faster.

“Our partnership with POKT Network as a Gateway provider underscores Chainstack’s commitment to scalable and reliable Web3 infrastructure. This collaboration enhances our platform’s ability to support developers and enterprises with market-ready blockchain solutions, ensuring seamless access and driving innovation in a decentralized landscape.”

Eugene Aseev, CTO & Co-Founder, Chainstack

Bringing it all together

Overall, POKT Network’s expanded Gateway strategy represents a significant stride not just for the network itself, but for the evolution of Web3 infrastructure as a whole. The introduction of Chainstack into POKT Network’s DePIN Gateway portfolio underscores the potential and adaptability of the network.

What the network envisages is not just an expansion in numbers but a radical transformation of the Web3 landscape. By pioneering the demand-side decentralization model and challenging traditional notions of infrastructure development, DePIN is shaping the future of Web3.

Our partnership with POKT Network echoes this commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering superior service. With other integrations on the horizon, our growth story with POKT Network is an ongoing one. As we continue to revolutionize Web3, one thing is certain: Chainstack and DePIN is a force to be reckoned with in our decentralized future.

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